2009 10 02 new album - under the radar over the top!

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    • 1 oct. 2009, 17h49m

    2009 10 02 new album - under the radar over the top!

    what do u think about this album?

    i already have it, and it's avesome! legendary scooter sound

    • DJ_Jorik a dit :...
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    • 5 oct. 2009, 2h16m
    A lot of "hardstyle-songs" (which doesn't have to be a bad thing) ; much better than their previous album, if you're asking me.
    Have only looked on youtube for the songs though.

    Best song of the album for me: Metropolis!

    Life 4 Music
    • wtesink a dit :...
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    • 9 oct. 2009, 18h46m
    Ti Sento is AWESOME!!!!

    • Xelias11 a dit :...
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    • 10 oct. 2009, 22h24m
    The new album is pure Scooter! Amazing as always

    FF til' Death
    • oOvidiu a dit :...
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    • 21 oct. 2010, 14h09m
    Mega - Suuuuper!

  • Even though I listen to a lot of hardstyle, I did not like this! The album was practically plagiarism of all-time hardstyle classics! T___T

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