Your Favourite Song/Songs (from Rurutia)

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    • 12 nov. 2008, 23h06m
    here is the info for indra's cd..
    Indra - Kumari [2003.12.10] PTCK-1007
    track list
    01. Namaste
    02. Kamigami No Keikoku
    03. El Condor Pasa
    04. Yuuboku No Uta
    05. Let It Be
    06. Himalayan Wave
    07. Shine
    08. Ryuusei Ginga
    09. Kadomandu
    10. Shiki

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    • 20 déc. 2008, 12h01m
    Thank you, thank you, thank you XD

  • I pretty much really like most of her song. but favorites wise...let's see: itoshigo yo, lost butterfly, maururu roa, seirios, last day, hyousa, opus, negai no todoku hi, and genwaku no kaze

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  • My all-time favorites will always be Lost Butterfly, Arabesque and Silent Prayer.
    I also like Itoshigo yo, Heart Dance, Seirios, Pavane and Muyuka.

  • Most of all
    1. Arabesque / アラベスク (Ballade Ver)
    2. Heath no rakuen / ヒースの楽園
    3. Selenite / セレナイト

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