Revolution In Me is most underrated album ever

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Yes, I know I forgot to put the between is and most, but you get the picture.

Revolution In Me is a music album crafted by Siobhan Donaghy who became famous for being a singer and song writer for Sugababes' first album, One Touch. Since starting a solo career, she's gone on to do fashion, modelling and a bit of Broadway.

Ghosts and One Touch are both brilliant albums too. I'm sure her future work will be great too, but Revolution In Me is just special. It's a tragedy that the album is not picked on. It keeps getting better with every listen and for me, it's quite a criminally underrated album. Is it cause she used to be in a pop band? Is it not hip enough? Are the lyrics too grim or complex? Or did the label and critics not do their jobs properly?

I've asked myself that question for years, but I still can't understand why this album doesn't get as much praise as Ghosts and One Touch. Revolution In Me is much more than just an alternative pop album. It's memoirs of an amazing woman who's battled with conflicts, clinical depression and rejection. The lady herself told my friend that she has a hard time listening to the album as it helped her get through tough times in her life.

Her music outside the Revolution In Me Era have only really been compared to All Saints, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Enya and her former band-mates and band she left behind. Revolution In Me doesn't really get compared because it's not similar to anything else. And you have nine album covers to choose from? What other album will give you that?

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