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    • 19 août 2009, 22h31m

    Fan art

    ...yeah, so, it's fun to cut out Andrew from the STBYBB cover and put him in front of random scenes. (I can send my Photoshop file of him to anyone who wants to do that. :-P) I did this XP default background one in Spring '08 and had it as the desktop background on the college radio station computer (which had the default wallpaper), it got changed back after a few days though. :-P

    I just did this... Andrew vs. Evil tag radio? XD

    I can be more creative than this, it just takes a lot of effort :-P

  • The bad things is that P86 never had a certain banner or artwork, like a symbol or something. :-/

    I've changed my opinion about everything. This post is old and my new views are way cooler. Can't wait to change them again.
  • Not necessarily true. The Dragon from DBL was their standby for years.

    Peace in the Middle East
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