• A question about iTunes

    18 sept. 2006, 19h22m par elvistears

    and I'm asking it here, because I'm hoping someone will answer it for me.

    iTunes has appeared on my computer. It seems to have established itself as Top Music Player and elbowed WMP out of the way. Unfortunately, it doesn't scrobble, even with the itunes plugin added to the computer.

    So - is it worth keeping. Is it scrobble-able? Or should I just get rid?

    Cheers. You find out so I don't have to, please!

    Someone answer. That would be nice.
  • Interesting... very interesting!

    5 août 2006, 21h59m par eddie_hitler

    look at his face! Just look at his face!

    sorry, went a bit John Motson there for a second.

    so... popex is not much longer for this world... let's hope that this is a worthy replacement.

    ...any chance of them adding in a share trading game, to make me feel more at home?