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Leader : picaresque_
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Créé le : 14 fév. 2008
Description :
Scrobbling using Windows Media Player Mobile and other compatible players on Pocket PC and Smartphones.

More screenshots are available on Sourceforge.

WANTED: To improve the radio playback experience, help from a developer with interest in (native) audio playback on Windows CE/Windows Mobile would be much appreciated. If you like to contribute to this open source project, please drop a line.

Pocket Scrobbler is an unofficial Last.fm client for Windows Mobile devices. Join the group to be notified on new releases. Pocket Scrobbler is compatible with Last.fm, but it's not created or tested by Last.fm Limited. "Scrobbler" is a trademark of Last.fm Limited.

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  • roots_reggae

    @ilkkahelamo: Sure

    19 mai 19h44m Répondre
  • ilkkahelamo

    Compatible with Windows Phones?

    27 fév. 11h33m Répondre
  • garynotrashcoug

    You mean, I can scrobble from my Sega Dreamcast? ^_^

    5 jui. 2014 Répondre
  • Amphetaminka

    .............................НАРОД ДАВАЙТЕ ПОИГРАЕМ В ТАКУЮ ИГРУ.....У КОГО КАКИЕ МОБИЛКИ :??????

    1 oct. 2012 Répondre
  • Amphetaminka

    Это самая что есть замечательная прога для моего Windows Mobile.....Огромное благодарство создателю этой софтинки:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 oct. 2012 Répondre
  • stevohoh

    Even i know WM is getting behind, i'm still having mine and i love it! (Att Tilt)

    21 juin 2012 Répondre
  • darkwojnar


    20 mars 2012 Répondre
  • aKurczak

    I have to say good bye -> I've got android now.

    24 fév. 2012 Répondre
  • ComplxX

    For years I've looked high and low for a program like this! I'm glad I found it. HTC TP2 (wm6.5)

    17 nov. 2011 Répondre
  • gronld

    Works great on my HTC Touch Pro 2 (win 6.5)! Great program.

    16 oct. 2011 Répondre
  • pah68

    Working a treat on my Omnia II with win 6.2

    15 août 2011 Répondre
  • Tattooheart

    magnifico esse programa perfeito!!

    26 jui. 2011 Répondre
  • Skons

    Using 3G connexion (Bouygues Telecom) on HTC diamond, starting playing radio as a registered (paying) user finally FAILED (error msg cannot be display) after some seconds after the "buffering track #1" display. BUT what is curious is that that same application (V1.8 or V.1.9) is running fine if Wifi is ON and used ... Could this pblm comes from the Network provider ??? Note:I didn't get this pblme before on my previous Orange 3G cnx.

    24 jui. 2011 Répondre
  • tarkant29

    Perfect on HTC Niki ( WM 6, WM 6.1, WM 6.5.3) ;)

    28 juin 2011 Répondre
  • thwit

    Perfect on Xperia!

    15 juin 2011 Répondre
  • wtfnaj


    8 juin 2011 Répondre
  • ForBigMistakes

    Working perfectly for me with my new-ish touch pro ;P

    28 avr. 2011 Répondre
  • Lady_Clytaemna

    Has the track-skip bug been fixed for the radio yet?

    12 avr. 2011 Répondre
  • smotri_na_nebo

    алала! все работает..какое чудо! :)

    2 avr. 2011 Répondre
  • Hevossian

    Seems to be working flawlessly on my good old HP iPAQ :). Thanks.

    31 mars 2011 Répondre
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