Phillip Hansen Anselmo

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Leader : Canselmo
Politique d'adhésion : Ouvert
Créé le : 10 déc. 2005
Description :
"Don't underestimate the kid, you're fucking crazy if you do... And I am the kid!"

Birth Date: 30.06.1968
Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisiana


Superjoint Ritual-Vocals, studio guitars
Necrophagia-Guitars (1997-2001)
Christ Inversion-Guitars, Backing vocals
Southern Isolation-Guitars, Vocals
Viking Crown-Guitars, bass, drums
Vision Of Disorder-Guest Vocal (By The River)
Soilent Green-Background Vocals
Arson Anthem-Guitars
Anal Cunt-Backing Vocals (Van Full Of Retards, Gloves Of Metal)
Crowbar-Backin' Vocals (Broken Glass), (Producer (1993-Crowbar)
Tony Iommi-Guest Vocal (Time Is Mine)
Jarboe-Guest Vocal
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals


Pantera-Power Metal
Pantera-Cowboys From Hell
Pantera-Vulgar Display Of Power
Pantera-Far Beyond Driven
Pantera-The Great Southern Trendkill
Pantera-Reinventing The Steel
Down-Down II: A Bustle In Your Hedgerow
Down-Down III: Over The Under
Superjoint Ritual-Use Once And Destroy
Superjoint Ritual-A Lethal Dose Of American Hatred
Arson Anthem-Arson Anthem (EP)
Viking Crown-Innocence From Hell
Viking Crown-Banished Rhythmic Hate
Necrophagia-Holocausto De La Morte
Necrophagia-Cannibal Holocaust (EP)
Southern Isolation-Southern Isolation (EP)
Christ Inversion-Obey The Will Of Hell (Demo)
Christ Inversion-13th Century Luciferian Rites
Crowbar-Crowbar (Producer)
Crowbar-Broken Glass
Soilent Green-Sewn Mouth Secrets
Vision Of Disorder-Imprint
Anal Cunt-40 More Reasons To Hate Us
Down IV Part I-The Purple EP
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals-Walk Through Exits Only

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