Cache, does it work?

    • m0nkiii a dit :...
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    • 22 jui. 2010, 18h32m

    Cache, does it work?

    I've been playing around with the api a bit now. It doesn't seems like the caching works for me. Is there any trick to it. Shouldn't it work on it's own?

    In the function __construct($config) it's not enabled for some reason.

    $config = array(
    'enabled' => true,
    'cache_length' => 14000

    The cache_length, I have no clue what it does. I've looked through the code but can't find any place it is used.

    * Stores the amount of time to cahce for
    * @var integer
    private $cache_length;

    What does that mean?


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