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Créé le : 9 août 2007
Description :
Do you listen to metal? Are you sick of NSBM racists taking up the metal scene? If so, then this group is for you!

Not all metalheads are racists! Spread the word!

By entering this group,...

Do you listen to metal? Are you sick of NSBM racists taking up the metal scene, let alone even existing in the first place? If so, then this is the perfect group for you!

It is time for us to let the world know that not all metalheads are racists! It is time for us to spread the word!

By entering this group, you declare that NSBM and other racist metal is a big embarrassment to the metal scene as a whole and should not even be considered metal, and that all the bands should be destroyed via a lawnmower.

- No NSBM, other racist metal like Grinded Nig in your charts.
- Nazi Punk like Skrewdriver, Angry Aryans (Bohse Onkelz exempt as their later stuff isn't Nazi), Nazi Rock (i.e Landser, Slepnir), and any other fascist/racist music is banned.
- At least 10 metal artists in your charts (preferably 10 NON nu-metal metal artists).

Note: Music Connections are just to advertise the group. NONE of them are NSBM bands!

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