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Créé le : 4 jui. 2006
Description :
Since is currently pretty much dead in the water this group was sort of rebooted as a more active version on facebook. So if you know one of us on there you could ask to join.

Group created and all words and wisdoms by SocialEnemy.

Here's the deal: is pretty much dead. we've had around 400+ members at our peak (I think), but there were only something like 20 ppl actively (maybe not even actively) contributing to the forum. I (r1Co) don't consider spamming one line of text in a now playing topic to be "actively contributing". Over here in Metal Education we wanted a little more than that. We want more information, more discussion, more of everything basically. Why are you listening to this? why should we as well? how does that relate to my music taste? If I like band x, band y and band z, will I like this as well? etc! it's all about adding information so people can make a well informed decision. So If you want some of that I advice you to contact one of us through Facebook and ask to join. we are not really here anymore. I won't accept ANY new applicants HERE on only on facebook! (so stop applying :P)

This was (And still IS; but on Facebook):

A group for the average metalhead who is always trying to find new, different and possibly better music to experience.

We are accepting of people with all kinds of different tastes in music, however, it is essential that you have love for the great and vast genre of metal.
This is Metal Education. Ready for your lesson?

This group is all about discovery and learning. Let other members teach you about metal bands and different styles of music you've yet to hear. We encourage a friendly, intelligent and conversational environment, so feel free to start a topic in the forum concerning one of your favourite artists (regardless of genre), as you need not worry, we will not bite you.

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