The Major Scouts Group, Inc. is an international talent scouting group.
    We are now seeking ALL unsigned singers, songwriters, bands and music producers (in all genres) looking for the chance to have their music shopped directly to major recording labels and publishers around the globe. For more details and/or to submit your material for consideration, please see the link below.

    The MS team.

    • rustypico a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 17 mars 2007, 11h18m

    The Retrosexuals

    Check out the new Scottish band The Retrosexuals.
    Blood in Your Eyes
    With You (7" version)

    You can download their tracks for free just now!

    The are also play at Oran Mor this month. check it out!!

    • CribsFan a dit :...
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    • 31 oct. 2008, 12h20m

    These Guys are really good

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 2 déc. 2008, 14h04m
    what you really need is these guys,
    Exposed By Observers

    • q0q a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 21 déc. 2008, 21h23m


    you really should take a look at this young (18) producer

    • duridarms a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 29 déc. 2008, 16h24m

    best new band

    • TheTrees08 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 15 jan. 2009, 22h20m

    The Trees

    Would be greatful if you could listen to The Trees

    • radekbnu a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 19 jan. 2009, 8h33m
    MOIE - Mission Oriented Investigation and Experimentation

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 16 avr. 2009, 9h05m
    I recommend to You artists/people being active under Opera Dog Production. Such groups as

    Opera Dog

  • Mikie Da Poet is the best unsigned talent in the world!

    We have never seen an artist with the ability toi just take over any show, and always win over any crowd, album after album, this artist evolved from a street rapper to a serious force that was called the new Eminem by Fox News during his live performance, hands down a game changer with a style of his own, Mikie Da Poet is the worlds best unsigned talent, this guy takes the cake.

  • this is something cool i came across
    check it out!

    • ruud88 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 11 fév. 2010, 17h23m
    We are an Indie Rock band
    We are looking for label, booking agency and more

  • kenelis gig london

    ROCKERS OF LONDON - i am messaging you to let you know that KENELIS - my gfs band are supporting the Levellers on the 17th April at Brixton Jamm be great if anyone could make it, gona be an awesome night - her last fm is and the website is - you can buy tickets now from us, check out there vids if wanna see what they are like live! thanks tricky x

    • KABRIANA a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 25 avr. 2010, 16h20m


    KABRIANA and her new single "SEXATONIC BIONIC"
    Check her out on LastFm:
    Or Youtube KABRIANA on the link below:

    • PureSymbol a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 19 jui. 2010, 16h34m

    Pure Symbol

    If you're looking for us, then we're looking for you!

    We allready won a talent show in rotterdam. We just need a good team,
    we can't handle all aspects on our own, management, producer, studio etc.
    We have what it takes to boot up to the next level, someone just needs to believe
    and provide tools/service and possibilities.

  • Leisurama

    Hello guys, we're an emerging East London band - Leisurama. Check our first two tunes and let us know what you think:

    Jonny Jonny

    We have our first single coming out on an indie label in early October, but are always interested to talk to labels and publishers.


    Stu x

  • The Red Zoids

    [album artist=the red zoids]kicking screaming

    • diador18 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 8 juin 2011, 14h35m


    • mrbenkelly a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 27 août 2011, 21h26m

    Have a listen to us

  • Check out

    Check out "The Button Group," an indie-folk band from North London. The have been compared to the likes of Mumford and Sons, Johnny Flynn and Noah and The Whale. They have also received airplay on BBC 6's "Introducing with Tom Robinson".

  • ButtaScotch Swirl


  • Sir. O in London

    I'd like to invite you to my many gigs around London:

    See some Music videos - Sir. O on You tube ... Such as Three Words

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