What do u think 'bout Liam's voice nowdays?

    • karmapanic a dit :...
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    • 20 juin 2008, 0h10m

    What do u think 'bout Liam's voice nowdays?

    Some people are sayin' that Liam's losing his voice.
    Well, i dont really think this way, and i'll wait for the new album. my opinion?: Liam Gallagher's voice is amazing and unique.

    what d'you think bout this? (:

    • qkc a dit :...
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    • 23 juin 2008, 20h14m
    in some videos after 2000, his voice is like horse fart!
    (there is no word to desciribe that)

    he should be like he used to be in Definitely Maybe.

    • karmapanic a dit :...
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    • 25 juin 2008, 4h26m
    but i still think that he's a good singer
    something like..he knows HOW to sing well, even when his voice's not so good ~

    • Qasis a dit :...
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    • 12 jui. 2008, 17h56m
    he's lost all his vocal ability. the latest studio record i listened was the beatles cover within you without you and his voice was no better than don't believe the truth records. live performance was much more worse, at brit music awards (should be when they were awarded in 2006 or 2007) he was singing with his nose, it was terrible i hated that. he can't even get close his "what's the story? morning glory" or "be here now" days. since standing on the shoulder of giants album he started to lose his voice and it gets worse everyday. he can't carry the songs anymore. actually i have no expectations about the new album. once noel said that he's lost his desire to write songs, he feels like his songwritng ability has left him. since masterplan they couldn't make any album at their standard at first 4 albums. the other albums might be good but they won't ever be as good as the first ones. i think oasis is over.

  • nowdays his voice is not perfect like in 90s..
    new albums are very boring..it's so pitty(
    where is britpop oasis??Oasis

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  • I really like new album, maybe not so much like Masterplan, but I do. But I agree that for example Standing on Shoulders of Giants was quite shit :/ (well, but I still more like Noel's voice)

    • gyvate151 a dit :...
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    • 27 jan. 2009, 16h54m
    Can be better, but not so bad ;D

    Always wear four condoms. One on your head. - Liam
    • Checotacho a dit :...
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    • 8 mars 2010, 19h05m
    I think his voice is really amazing, but in the old albums just like (what's the story) morning glory, or definitely maybe sound better than now, i think too much alcohol is bad for his voice, but he's fuckin' amazing..!

    Sergio Mtz
  • Well I think he shold do kinda build up training many vocalists did (Trivium,Billy Talent etc) might help him recover his voice.I love oasis but his live voice is really broken.

    Because a heart that hurts is a heart that works!
    • Ferdifand a dit :...
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    • 6 jan. 2012, 6h03m
    Liam's very temperamental and his voice is very dependent on your mood. In the last (and epic) Beady Eye' show here in Rio de Janeiro, his voice was spectacular. That was last year, in early November, I mean, not so long ago.

    • YessyGlez a dit :...
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    • 31 oct. 2012, 6h58m
    Well, I don't really think that Liam's voice is bad, it's different, but still cool.

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