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    • 30 déc. 2008, 16h04m

    Release it in Denmark

    What's the big deal in releasing the iphone last.fm software for all geographies? Come on last.fm it's not like you're living in an industrial world where it's superdifficult to release your products and services for each new country. Just push the button that enables download for Denmark and the rest of the world - we can take it and we want it NOW.

    At least publish some sort of explanation for the glacial pace at which you're presently spreading the app to other geographies than the usual suspects.

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    • 30 déc. 2008, 16h07m

    Re: Release it in Denmark

    Okay here's the explanation taken from the huge "other countries" thread that I should have probably read before asking the question:
    we have to work out licensing agreements to stream to mobile separate for each country we launch in. not an easy task.

    It's the usual fucked up issue of all the petty little national record companies that paid big bucks for national distribution rights of music and now demand royalty fees to allow last.fm to spread the streaming app on the ipod. Roll over and die you old patchwork of national distribution rights for music. You're a relic of the industrial age and a mindset of rights owners that basically says you can screw the customer several times over and restrict parallel imports to hinder fair competition.

    I know you're doing what you can last.fm and I applaud your efforts to secure rights for all geographies. Keep up the good work!

  • Here! Here!

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    • 5 jan. 2009, 18h12m

    Im from denmark using Last.FM

    jamen dog! en anden dansker med det samme problem ;P (oh my! another dane with the same problem ;P)

    you just need to create a US account on iTunes
    you'll need a new e-mail and seach around the internet for a bit or get a giftcard for the US store.
    I downloaded the app for free from the US store and it works fine in Denmark (unlike Pandora)

    Hope this helps!

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    • 23 avr. 2009, 12h27m

    What has all this "hard at work at making our application available in your country" actually produced in 6 months?

    So last.fm - nothing has happened since I posted the above around 6 months ago. Does that mean I can expect to wait until 2013 before the last.fm app is released for the Danish geography? Or should I consider myself lucky if 2013 is the target year?

    WXYZadam: It's not a trivial matter to switch to a US itunes account when you've already bought applications to a value of a 100€ under your existing account.

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