Error 102: We couldn't reach Last.Fm

  • If you are behind a proxy all apps don't work correctly, this is a bug on their side:

    Feel free to add to that thread. :)

    @Shemp McGlooey: I've sent you a PM, please check your mail.

    • hdsander a dit :...
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    • 14 mars 2012, 13h30m

    Everything works but Albums played

    I've never seen any "Albums played...", all I get is...

    I use Spotify from two different computers, without proxy, standard Windows 7 firewall.

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    • giselej a dit :...
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    • 26 avr. 2012, 18h43m

    Not being a proxy or firewall and still nothing

    Like someone posted before, only my loved tracks work :(

    I am on Norway on Windows 7 with english as language

    • joedenv11 a dit :...
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    • 21 mai 2012, 7h25m



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    • giselej a dit :...
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    • 6 juin 2012, 16h57m
    No news about this issue? i still get we couldn't reach lastfm / error 102, and i am not behind a proxy or firewall :S

  • Error 102

    I am getting error 102 when trying to log in to the LastFM app.

    Spotify is able to scrobble to LastFM however, with no errors!

    I am in the UK
    On Windows 7
    Home network
    Not behind a proxy

    Spotify is allowed through Windows firewall. I have even tried turning the firewall and anti virus programs off completely, but it doesn't help.

    • DannyBiker a dit :...
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    • 11 jui. 2012, 17h00m

    Error 102

    Same thing : no proxy, tried without any firewall or av and still no way to connect. And from the date of the original post, I don't expect much...

    • Meadlord a dit :...
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    • 11 jui. 2012, 21h20m

    Error 102

    Same thing here too...

  • Error 102

    Getting the same issue here. Windows firewall only no proxy. Though I am on windows 8 preview edition, I am suspecting that this might be a vista/7/8 issue, as I have not yet seen one post regarding this problem in XP. I have also turned off the firewall as well, and I still get the error, although scrobbling via preferences does work without issue

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 12 jui. 2012, 14h38m

    Re: Everything works but Albums played

    I also am experiencing this error, regardless of my location/server/etc. I am using Wondows 7, 64 bit. HELP!!

    hdsander said:
    I've never seen any "Albums played...", all I get is...

    I use Spotify from two different computers, without proxy, standard Windows 7 firewall.

  • Suddenly working

    I haven't changed any settings to my computer or network, but when I checked this morning I was able to log into the app. Everything is working, including "albums played".

    No idea why.

    • morsecp a dit :...
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    • 1 août 2012, 16h58m


    I had the same 102 error when trying to login to the Spotify app. Nothing seemed to work except repeatedly clicking the login button about 20 times. I got the 102 error several times and then it just "magically" connected. Go figure.

    • dinapolis a dit :...
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    • 3 août 2012, 16h31m

    Didn't worked for me

    To me, spotify doesn't show the "Now playing" tab.
    I updated the password on Spotify, but I keep receiving the error 102.
    Also, when I click on "try again", sometimes it shows me the tab, but it keeps loading the "Love" button until the end of the current track, and then goes to error 102 again on the next track! What's that?

    • TomPrayne a dit :...
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    • 5 août 2012, 10h37m

    doesn't work here

    OS X 10.8, no proxy, no firewall

    I always get 102.

    • SlyEnemy a dit :...
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    • 5 août 2012, 14h06m
    Well, this just started for me today completely at random - can't login to through Spotify at all. Username and Password work fine on the site, try them through Spotify and I get an instant "We couldn't reach" error. Frustrating.

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  • Me too! All OK except the 'now playing' which is actually the only reason I ever use now - maybe AMG should do a Now Playing app for Spotify!?

    • mh_chaotic a dit :...
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    • 29 oct. 2012, 22h44m

    For those who use this app under under a proxy

    I don't know if it'll work for anyone else but here's how I solved my work proxy connection troubles under Windows.

    In Internet Explorer, go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Connections --> LAN settings --> uncheck "Automatically detect settings".

    Wait at least 20 seconds before the content inside Spotify goes online.

    I hope it can help someone...

    • shtkar a dit :...
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    • 25 nov. 2012, 15h58m
    Me too:

    Client: Linux on Ubuntu
    Firewall, Proxy: No,
    Client language English
    Location: Austria

    • shtkar a dit :...
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    • 25 nov. 2012, 16h17m
    One thing i noticed:

    spotify tries to connect to while the webbrowser contacts via

    • DoctorT a dit :...
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    • 16 jan. 2013, 1h33m
    I have tried using the app at various times at various locations (home, work, friends) over the past few months and have never been able to connect - always error 102. I have never had any problems scrobbling from Spotify.

    Windows 64bit Home Premium, almost always WiFi, never used a proxy, Avira antivirus software.

    I am not interested in spending time troubleshooting. If it won't work, I just won't use it.

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    • icyguitar a dit :...
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    • 31 mai 2013, 11h28m
    @mh_chaotic Didn't work for me. Anyone knows of a way to make it work behind proxy?

  • The Spotify desktop client can use different proxy settings in its Preferences, press Ctrl-P and scroll down the page. I use "No proxy" instead of the default "Auto-detect", but you can also fill in Host, Port, Username, Password etc. There seems to be an unsolved problem with proxies, external apps and newer Spotify versions than 0.8.8 though, see also this thread on their community forum.

    The for Spotify app itself does not use any proxy settings, as it is supposed to work globally or rather in all countries where Spotify is available. But it might be worth a try to change the language settings in Spotify to English if you have problems with the app while using another language or "Auto-detect" in the Spotify desktop software.

    • icyguitar a dit :...
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    • 2 juin 2013, 13h15m
    The app couldn't connect behind proxy but when I set my account in Spotify preferences, it started scrobbling anyway.

    • Manulog a dit :...
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    • 20 déc. 2013, 0h21m
    Tried both "no proxy" and "auto-detect"... not working

  • Did you try it with their web player? At the moment it scrobbles without problems for me in different browsers. Check in its settings at the bottom if scrobbling to is enabled though, sometimes clearing cookies also sets scrobbling back to off.

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