John Waters hosts new Court TV show

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    • 27 fév. 2007, 7h38m

    John Waters hosts new Court TV show

    Court TV becomes "cult TV" as writer/director John Waters (Hairspray, Serial Mom) takes the starring role in an irreverent new series that shows how love and marriage, in the words of the underground auteur himself, "goes together like a horse and the glue factory." With a tip of the veil (both wedding and funeral) to some of television's most famous scripted mystery and murder anthologies, each episode features the fabled director introducing us to a husband and wife whose marriage, despite its happy beginnings, inevitably leads to spousal murder. Posing as the wisecracking, cynical "Groom Reaper," Waters appears at several pivotal moments of the disintegrating relationship to guide the audience through its darkly hilarious twists.

    Each week his biting commentary drives home that on this program, "the line between love and hate is thin. Very thin." Each program dramatizes the events of a doomed union, revealing just enough to leave the audience guessing: Who will be the victim? Who will be the killer? Will marriage ever be the same?

    The cover was illustrated by DC comics--you can take a sneak peek of the first episode (in comic book form) here.
    Show premieres March 19th!

    More about the show

    This is the best thing ever.

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