age of jazz fans

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    • 12 oct. 2011, 17h04m

    age of jazz fans

    to me it seems like most of the jazz fans are older generation people (35 years old++) while younger people listen to pop,rock,rap,hip hop and electronica.

    in fact I'm the only jazz fan under the age of 25 that I know atm. I tried to find some jazz community nearby, and no surprise I found one with all members above the age of 33.

    why is jazz less attractive to younger people?

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  • I'm 19

  • Easy, young people usually stick to what the mass media radio/tv offers them. They grow used to listening simple music, simple patterns, then you expose them to Jazz tunes and they find themselves lost. We know that for most of us, the experience of Jazz, and/or any of it's subgenres, was a bit of an acquired taste, you may get hooked by little details but it takes some time to fully comprehend the melodies, rythms, etc. I guess younger people are not willing to take the time to understand the music anymore.

    I salute all the young lads out there who heard the call of Jazz music. It's a life changing experience.

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    • 18 nov. 2011, 13h13m
    23 :P

  • imho its normal. We (young people) grow up with pop, metal and electronic music. And Jazz is a more complex kind of music. So only who wanna really get into the music world start listening jazz. Something need to change in ur way to listen, in my case i started playing bass and i felt something missing in the rock music i hav always loved. And was then that i met jazz :D

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    • 2 déc. 2011, 2h31m

  • Im 20

  • I'm 19 and I got into jazz by my own as I discovered it helped me to concentrate in my homework but later I developed a certain taste and love for it. I think it's because usually kids are exposed to it only when they see old cartoons and in consequence they just get the side of the swing bands as a funny background music, but never get a motivation from their parents to listen as much music as possible. Jazz is much more than crooners and all that, and often is considerated music for old people, my parents used to think that way too, until I changed their minds :D

  • I'm 16 (:

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    • 15 déc. 2011, 19h02m
    Lo que muchos dicen es verdad, la mayoría de los jóvenes no se molestan en comprender la música, el Jazz es un género que se tiene que comprender para que se pueda disfrutar plenamente. Otra razón por la cuál los jóvenes no escuchan Jazz es por la poca difusión que se le da en los medios.

    Volviendo a la pregunta, yo tengo 17 años y desde los 15 soy una "Fan" declarada de este hermoso género musical. <3

  • I don't think it's young people who are not willing to understand different music. It's just that kind of people who don't and never will inspite of how old they get. Sure, in jazz gigs most of them are 30+ but it just says kool people are getting extinct, doesnt it? :) I was 16 when I really got into jazz and actually I never thought it's for old people :D well, right lads with nice music taste were surrounding me I guess

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    • 31 jan. 2012, 16h00m
    17 here, just started listening to Jazz. I have like... Two friends the same age who also like Jazz, but yeah, it's quite uncommon among young people.

  • 18 and starting my second year studying Jazz in march :)

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    • 4 fév. 2012, 9h07m
    I'm 24 but started my jazz journey when I was about 21

  • I'm 21, and first got into jazz about a year ago or so

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    • 18 fév. 2012, 16h45m
    I'm 21 and I'm starting to learn about this beautiful music <3

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    • 22 fév. 2012, 15h57m

  • 18 (I'll be 19 in a few days and I got into jazz early on when I first started to really get into music because I didn't like mainstream music nor it's alternatives so I went back to jazz though not classical jazz more recent stuff :)

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    • 13 mai 2012, 14h24m
    i'm 25

    ...jazz is a state of mind...
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    • 17 mai 2012, 23h15m
    20, it's easier to listen to more commercial, meaningless sell out music, it has no content and it is very simple, the brain doesn't have to concentrate so much.

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    • 18 mai 2012, 2h33m
    I'm 23

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    • 3 juin 2012, 14h48m
    с детства слушаю джаз, и люблю его на протяжении 21 года, то есть никогда не перестовал

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    • 21 juin 2012, 9h09m
    I'm 24.

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    • 29 juin 2012, 19h12m

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    • 31 août 2012, 21h50m
    Music, like art, is subjective and the relevance of age is by-and-large irrelevant in determining why Jazz .... "is less attractive to younger people". Styles in any medium/genre of art/music will always attract a percentage of the masses for reasons of popularity, difference and trend-setting. Even with its creation, establishment and longevity in the spectrum of music, Jazz can be likened to many fringe genres in that it is not popular (to the masses) mainstream music.

    For me, younger people have less affinity with Jazz purely because the design, construction and manufacture of Jazz music is not something that many young people have been exposed to. [Is that good or bad?] Jazz was born in another time and place. Jazz is more intuitive in the complexity of its creation. The by-product is less about the beginning or end and more about the journey between both points of a Jazz composers thoughts.

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