• [Gil Scott-Heron] 14 July 2010 @ Somerset Hs (London) w/ Mayer Hawthorne - Part…

    16 jui. 2010, 13h02m par IanAR

    14 July 2010: Gil Scott-Heron & Mayer Hawthorne @ Somerset House (London)

    I understand, from CaroleHarvey who saw Gil Scott-Heron & Mayer Hawthorne this week, that some of the songs played were as follows (w/ KantaJo1 (YouTube)'s videos interspersed):

    1. The Bottle
    2. Winter in America
    3. We Almost Lost Detroit
      Some chat on the origins of jazz

    4. Better Days Ahead
    5. Pieces of a Man

    Any updates in the set-list, Mayer Hawthorne's set or YouTubes available - most welcome! (Pls, comment.)

  • More Jazz

    9 jui. 2009, 1h42m par jwRADIO1

    Take the time today to enjoy some jazz music via the Monday Jazz session mixtape podcasts. This week, I've posted a poll to the right of the first post where you can rate the songs you're enjoying (and you can vote for more than one). So take some time out to chill and groove to these tracks, no matter what day it is.

    Here's the latest one:
  • Abstract Rude signed to Rhymesayers........

    22 mars 2009, 0h26m par micgraham

    As a product of the legendary Goodlife open mic sessions, Abstract Rude splashed onto the scene in 1994 as part of the famed Project Blowed crew that included LA’s Freestyle Fellowship and Aceyalone. As one half of the A-Team (with Aceyalone), one third of Haiku D’Etat (with Aceyalone & Myka 9) and frontman of his group Abstract Tribe Unique (ATU), Ab Rude has endeared himself to fans worldwide through consistent touring and genre defining albums such as 1999’s South Central Thynk Tank (currently out of print). Once signed to the Beastie Boys Grand Royal imprint, Ab has readied himself to re-emerge with Rhymesayers Entertainment and his most consistent and focused work to date, Rejuvenation. Produced entirely by Seattle super producer Vitamin D (G-Unit, Redman, Young Buck, Gift of Gab, Choklate, Lifesavas, Black Sheep, etc.), Rejuvenation is a hard hitting soulful ryde showcasing Ab Rude’s distinct and unlimited vocal styling.

    Ab's new record "Rejuvenation" drops May 5, 2009 on Rhymesayers Entertainment. That might be a little long for you to wait, so to hold you over download the title track "Rejuvenation" (right click to download...) off of the new record for free!

    The album is also available for pre-order today from Fifth Element so be sure to head over and pre-order your copy today at a special reduced price for a limited time only!
  • Chase the clouds least here in Germany

    1 avr. 2009, 8h02m par Spankmaster79

    Here in Germany, finally spring seems to I thought I chase the clouds away.......just the right track for the feeling I got right now:

    Evidence - Chase The Clouds Away
  • New Live Video Capture: Filewile - Swahee Swahoo (unreleased!)

    26 sept. 2008, 14h31m par mwrecords

    played @ Hacienda, Sierre, 20.9.2008

  • Jazz related to Rap? My idea on this.

    18 mars 2007, 16h54m par bartkl

    For about three years long now I have taught myself to listen to all kinds of music, varying from Classical and Jazz to Blues and Rock. However, Rap music was never even nominated to undergo such a treatment. This changed a year ago.

    I discovered De La Soul's debut album 3 Feet High and Rising which was said to be jazzy. This sounded interesting to me and I listened to it. The funny thing is that at that time I didn't see any relationship with jazz music, but nonetheless I liked the album!

    A world opened for me and I was now fully convinced that Rap is, just like any genre in my opinion, a great and unique form of musical expression. With this new ambitions I started exploring the grounds of Rap music and I must honestly say I'm really enlightened.

    I now see that there's about a million styles and I even understand what people mean when they relate Rap to Jazz. In Rap it's not mainly about the contents of the lyrics, but more about the way the rhymes are told, timed and intoned. The flow, which is of course partially determined by the beats and further instrumentalism, is in my opinion mostly specified by the rapper's voices. This is where the resemblence with Jazz comes in.

    Before I explain myself further, I must specify that it's not all Jazz music Rap can be related to. It's simply too wide. I'd say the relationship is between bop related Jazz and Rap.
    In bop there's usually(!) a typical black rhythm played by the bassist and drummer, which forms a frame work for the soloists to improvise in. In Rap music there's a rhythm that's in a way comparable and the rapper's are in fact soloists using their voices as an instrument. This relationship between Jazz and Rap is however quite loose, but that is in fact a beautiful thing! Even though Rap could be considered as a deravitive of Jazz, it's still very different and renewing. Rap music is based on a total different form than a lot of ordinary melodious based music, because the human voice is used in a totally innovative way.

    It's important to realize what the ingredients of Rap music are. There's a lot of old and new music that has influenced Rap music. Samples used in Rap are from Jazz, Rock, Blues, R&B and even other Rap records.
    Especially funk is a big ingredient of Rap.

    Either if Rap is or is not an extension or deravitive of Jazz music is an interesting discussion, but one thing is certain: missing out on Rap is missing out on a renewing form of music that is based on black rhythm and (basically) modern poetry. Next to that, being filled with samples from music throughout all sorts makes Rap music a very colorful and complete form of music.

    Fitting recommendations
    De La Soul
    Black Sheep
    Jungle Brothers
    Digable Planets
    A Tribe Called Quest
    Main Source
    Leaders of the New School
    Souls of Mischief
    Gang Starr

    For a real mix of Jazz and Hiphop:
    Buckshot LeFonque

    This list of recommended albums is very limited. For more, please visit and DigitalDreamDoor (see my first journal entry).

    Please share your opinion with me, because I like to discuss about these subjects and it's my aim to improve my opinion at all time, especially because I'm quite a Rap newbie myself. :)
  • More Interviews

    7 oct. 2008, 12h40m par Rapscallion87

    I've had quite a few interviews published recently:

    Omara Portuondo - "77 Not Out"
    Link: Fly, 4/10/08

    James Morton - "Bristol Fashion"
    Link: Jazzwise magazine, October 2008

    Portico Quartet - "Mercury Rising For Hang Man"
    Link: London Tourdates magazine, 22/8/08

    Neil Cowley (Neil Cowley Trio) - "What's In A Name?"
    Link: London Tourdates magazine, 24/7/08

    Comments and feedback are always appreciated!

  • Upcoming Modern Funk releases roundup

    13 août 2008, 11h45m par zephirnl

    I thought I'd do a small recap of upcoming releases on the modern funk front that I know of. Below is everything I could find for now, but I want to ask upfront, please tell me if you have additions.

    So, about that small recap? It's not going to be small. It appears there is a lot of good stuff on the horizon and this list doesn't even include some of the bands I reported on earlier.

    Ok, here it goes. First off, coming soon on Freestyle:
    - Diesler 'Tracks On The Rocks' Sampler (7") & "Tracks on the Rocks" (CD/LP?) -> preview the two 7" tracks @ Diesler's myspace , news via his homepage. Hopefully more tracks of the 14 track CD compilation (hand picked by Freestyle boss Adrian Gibson) will appear soon on the myspace and/or Kudos. Album release date: Autumn 2008 on Freestyle Records.
    - The Grits "The Grits" (CD) Tracklisting already @ Kudos, but no previews yet. Listen to some tracks @ their myspace, buy the 7" now!
    - Various Artists "Stay On The Groove vol 4" (CD) Just listed on the page, no further info available. All previous releases were top notch funk so I expect this one to be too.
    - The Perceptions "Introducing The Perceptions" (CD/LP) Preview tracks @ Kudos. Release date: October the 27th.

    Second label up, Tru-Thoughts. Although their main focus is not modern funk as such, it has some ace artists, who sure know how to funk and grit it up.
    - TM Juke and the Jack Baker Trio "Boto And The Second Liners" (CD/LP) -> Huge deep brass sounds on this free track, promising an interesting combination of Jack Baker Trio's funk/jazz stylings laced with TM Juke's electronic expertise and vice versa. You might also know Jack Baker from The Baker Brothers.
    - The Bamboos 'King Of The Rodeo' (7") & "The Side Stepper (CD/LP) -> video @ youtube & press release @ the myspace. Australia's finest modern funk/soul outfit, just released a live album & produced Kylie Auldist's CD. Release date: King of the Rodeo 7" on september 1st. Album tba.
    - Hot 8 Brass Band "Hot 8 Remixes" (Digital?) -> From good boy Diesler's releases page this promises to be a nice set of remixes. No samples yet though.

    Third label in this to-be-released-madness is Record Kicks:
    - Baby Charles 'Hard Man to Please' (7") -> Record Kicks news & preview @ Kudos. The A-side is from the album, but there's a brand new grooving B-side 'Jackson Fingers'.
    - Diplomats Of Solid Sound Featuring The Diplomettes 'If you're wrong (Lack of Afro Remix)' (7") -> Record Kicks news & preview @ Kudos. I find it hard to get from the sample what to expect exactly, but the rolling drums and wobbly bass line are no doubt going to light dance floors on fire with the same heat the previous LOA remix of a DOSS track did.
    - KoKoLo 'soul power (Lack of Afro Remix)' (7") & "Hevy Hustling" (CD/LP) No news or previews of the upcoming Kokolo stuff, but they are already listed in the Kudos store, but I expect sample tracks to turn up there soon for both the LOA remix 7" & the Hevy Hustling album.
    - Various Artists "Soul Shaker vol. 5" (CD/LP) Same goes for the new compilation, which is listed @ Kudos, but no samples or tracklisting yet. Together with Freestyle's "Stay on the Groove" series this is the best compilation to buy to stay up to date on modern funk, soul and jazz. They are all in the RK catalog to browse and buy. (go for the vinyl!)

    Then, from various myspace 'friend status updates':
    - The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker "Kaboom" (CD) -> listen to some tracks @ their myspace. They have a CD out but I never heard of this until I ran into a poster for their concert in Valencia. Is it just me or is a lot of the funk these days produced to smooth (I have this problem with the Bamboos too).
    - Cookin' On 3 Burners 'cook it (choi remix)' -> listen to this remix @ myspace. Ivan ('Choi') told me a while ago they were working on a new album. No release info yet, so this is just to keep these guys on your radar. I guess now that The Sidestepper is finished, Lance (aka Lanu, also in The Bamboos) can turn his attention to this project again?
    - The Fantastics! (or The Fantastics?) 'have nearly finished it' -> All I was able to track is this myspace status update from august 2nd. Release info is unavailable, but 'it' probably will be released on freestyle.
    - 6ix Toys - 'Voodoo People' (7") -> Some info on their myspace blog. Listen to tracks there too. Excellent cover of the well known The Prodigy track. I can't wait for their album to drop, I like this band very much from the logo to the music (funk & turntableism), it's all good. Release info: 7" in september, with the album to follow in november.
    - Drawbar "Flight Of The Tempest" -> Listen @ myspace. Another band not afraid to incorporate turntableism and electronics with vintage sounds. Previously reported on the excellent 7", the album release is scheduled for october.

    Woah, that turned out to be quite a list. Finally I want to point anyone who reads this to the set of gigs The New Mastersounds will be doing in the Netherlands (and elsewhere too), featuring Dionne Charles of Baby Charles. The gigs are part of the tour to support the release of the excellent Plug & Play album and I would especially appreciate everyone coming to the one in Utrecht!

    10 oct. 2008, 23h59m par MOTOWN_JUNKIE

    free download

    Motown Junkie's new effort is a complex piece of work, which could have been made in any place of the world, since it travels around it musically. You realize it from the opening title track to the wonderful Hotdrop contribution in the closing "Row". You could hear it on a train ride, no borders blocking your path, and the music would fit that trip easily.

    It starts off with a downbeat "Ravi Shankar on acid" style, beats floating through your right and left speakers until they twist your brain, and it's sure to happen with "Ill Dawn" and its crazy beats chasing you in 3 intense minutes.

    You may find the right mood for you depending on each track you choose. "Change" would be a nice end-of-the-night soundtrack, while "They Have a Pact With the Devil" could be easily your perfect soundtrack for a meeting with mafia crooks. Probably the best song here will have to be the psychedelic "Pagan Dances in Autumn Twilight", with a strong middle-east feel to it, followed by the 21st Century blues of "Anfeta Effect" and the soothing sound layers of "Time to Solo".

    An overall great album by Portuguese Motown Junkie, which can be fully enjoyed either in stereo speakers or headphones.

    Review by "Daniel Catarino"
  • Download the new FOREIGN EXCHANGE single for FREE now!

    8 sept. 2008, 23h10m par Nicolay_Music

    Daykeeper feat. Muhsinah (taken from the upcoming new album, Leave It All Behind)

    download for free at:

    The official website of The Foreign Exchange

    The Foreign ExchangePhonteNicolayMuhsinahDaykeeper feat. MuhsinahLeave It All Behind