WSP lightn' it up

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    • 15 oct. 2009, 22h29m

    WSP lightn' it up

    This current panicn tour has been funky. Sharing some space with the ABB they still lit up B-Ham with:

    The Take Out > Diner > Rock > Porch Song, Dyin' Man*, Slippin' Into Darkness**, Just Like A Woman***, Bust It Big**** > Drums > Airplane > Pilgrims > Goodpeople > Dark Bar > Goodpeople > Junior
    Expiration Day > Goin' Out West

    * with DJ Logic on turntables
    ** with Marc Quinones on percussion, Warren Haynes on guitar
    *** with Gregg Allman on vocals
    **** with Warren Haynes on guitar

    Charlotte and Nashville sound great as well
    Good shows to come

    Jambase- Widespread Panic & ABB Birmingham AL

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