The most idiotic music-related comment you've ever heard

  • The most idiotic music-related comment you've ever heard

    I heard this one today and couldn't quite believe it:

    "And we'll play 80s punk rock music like, you know, The Beatles, The Sex Pistols and The Who".

    How many things are wrong with that sentence? Too many. :(

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    • 10 juin 2008, 16h45m
    Wasn't that a joke?

    • umbrandir a dit :...
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    • 10 juin 2008, 17h59m
    In last week's dancing lesson, a friend of mine asked the teacher to put on Franky's "New York, New York". Her reply: "Aren't u too young to listen to music that old?" OMG How can she bes serious!!!

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    • 10 juin 2008, 18h50m
    "this being better than the actual lithuanian scene"

    • TMRider a dit :...
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    • 10 juin 2008, 19h03m
    Few days ago I talked with a friend and he said that "if the Beatles were still on as band (he knows that 2 of them are singing in heaven) they should answer Metallica with a cover called 'Master of Muppets'".


    whatever you say...

    • TMRider a dit :...
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    • 10 juin 2008, 19h24m

    I swear I didn't know!

    there's a band called 'Beatallica' that plays beatles like music and metallica like lyrics.

    well, how cool is that

  • Wasn't that a joke?

    No - I know it sounds like it should be, but she was entirely serious. At school at the moment it's ~*~activity week~*~, which means doing various pointless things like pretending to set up our own restaurants and doing presentations in front of everyone explaining our ideas. The girl who said the thing about "80s punk rock" said it in reference to the music they'd play in their hypothetical restaurant, and she said it with such a straight face that I really don't think she was joking.

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    • 10 juin 2008, 21h45m
    lol well not everyone is an anti-social music of the past freak.. sadly

    • Kretenos a dit :...
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    • 12 juin 2008, 12h29m
    the stupidest: Ritchie Blackmore is commercial pop.


    R.I.P. Rick Wright 1943 - 2008
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    • 18 juin 2008, 20h29m
    "The Velvet Underground were not influential at all."

    Hahaha. They're immensely influential, I'd say...

  • It's not idiotic but I did have a conversation once with someone as to who was more influential to heavy music. I said the Stooges and VU, he said Led Zeppelin.

  • the VU not really but The Stooges and MC5

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    • 19 juin 2008, 2h31m
    Now, this was several years ago, but I once heard a girl say, "Isn't Led Zeppelin, like, a band? And is Lynyrd Skynyrd a band, too? It sounds like a guy's name."

    That was freshman year. That same year when I got my first Cars shirt, almost EVERYONE thought it was a shirt of The Cure. Argh.

  • "ur all fags for listening to this shit"

    Or something along those lines. I mean, holy mackerel, Coldplay does not make you gay :/ These idiots are all over youtube *grr*

  • Coldplay makes me gay.

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    • 21 juin 2008, 14h37m
    "You know how I know you're gay?"
    "You macrame'd yourself a pair of jean shorts."
    "You know how /I/ know you're gay?"
    "'cause you're gay, and you can tell who else is."
    "You know how I know you're gay?"
    "You listen to Coldplay."

    • le_hamster a dit :...
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    • 25 juin 2008, 8h28m
    I remember reading one of my sister's pop magazines in the 90s and seeing them describe Hootie & The Blowfish as the 'first major inter-racial band'. Ummmm The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Sly & The Family Stone or Guns 'N Roses anyone?

    • ArkoldThos a dit :...
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    • 26 juin 2008, 7h05m

    coldplay makes me gay

    Metallica it's the best metal band that existed ever.

    That that you hear is like Dragon Ball music

    Metal is music made with the heart, as Metallica does, Sonata Arctica, Iron Maiden, DragonForce and that bands that you hear doesn't got that

    That Saratoga songs just say YES I AM A DEMON AND I AWAKE AA RESURRECTION DEMON YEAH when it really says Awake....

    -- Someone who just listened few songs of Iron Maiden, Metallica and other Guitar Hero and Rock Band featured songs and claims to be a Rock Star. Although he is a good friend :P

    That music you hear is demonic when I was listening at Apocalyptica

    -- Someone who used to be a very good friend

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    • 5 jui. 2008, 16h50m
    Far from the most idiotic, but the most recent I've heard: "Blondie were the Good Charlotte of CBGBs."


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    • 6 jui. 2008, 2h40m
    Just a few days ago, I saw this
    "Queen is a good band, I'd listen to them if the singer wasn't gay"
    that really pissed me off

  • In a magazine talking about John Lennon's death, I saw a quote from Sinead O'Connor that basically said that John Lennon did better work before he met Yoko Ono (I think it was in Time magazine in 2005, the details are really fuzzy because I have a horrendous memory).

    Oh yeah, because the White Album, Plastic Ono Band and Imagine were all just pieces of junk. And I actually looked up to Sinead O'Connor.

    fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, dur
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    • 9 jui. 2008, 12h15m
    I shouldn't have read that before the concert.

  • Sinnead is an idiot i can't stand her

    • frisch_ a dit :...
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    • 1 sept. 2008, 5h30m
    my cousin about what music she hears: "welll, many different things, but no mainstream pop. i listen to OE3..."
    OE3 is a radio station in austria which plays almost only mainstream pop and charts...

    click click --> my friends don't like my music <-- click click
  • Joy Division Are Emo
    ...>< Joy Division is post-punk, which fyi you dipstick is far better than any crap churned out by 'emo' bands.

    I Hate Mainstream Music
    which, by itself is fine. But when you go on that person's or look at their MSN's 'what I'm listening to' and see Rihanna & Duffy it makes me scream.

    Holly Johnson Is Such A Faggot
    I know longer speak to the person who said this to me when I was listening to War. Frankie... is one of my favourite bands, I really need to convert all their vinyl into digital.

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