Character vs. Character Game

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    • 11 oct. 2009, 9h28m
    Bob Arctor( A Scanner Darkly) DIES

    Zarathustra vs Sal Paradise (On the road)

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    • 11 oct. 2009, 16h35m
    Sal Paradise dies.

    Zarathustra vs Sabriel (Sabriel)

    Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us dragons exist, but that they can be beaten.
  • Zarathustra vs David Hunter (Written in Bone)

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    • 12 oct. 2009, 20h22m
    Sabriel dies.

    Zaratustra vs Tender Branson (Palahniuk's Survivor)

    Meshuggah: "A combination of the powerful and the avant-garde, the band is as visceral and imposing an act as you’ll ever see and hear, guitarists Fredrik Thordendal, Mårten Hagström, and bassist Dick Lövgren hammering out lurching, monolithic riffs as they headbang in robotic unison, vocalist Jens Kidman barking out surreal verses like a twisted drill sergeant while gesticulating like a puppet on strings. - Adrien Begrand (PopMatters)
  • Tender Branson (Palahniuk's Survivor) dies.

    Zaracustra vs Paul Atreides (Dune)

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    • 13 oct. 2009, 17h25m
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  • Zarathustra dies.
    Paul Atreides (Dune) vs. the Sheep Man (A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami)

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    • 30 nov. 2009, 21h03m
    Paul dies.
    The Sheep Man (A Wild Sheep Chase) vs. Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany's)

    • blakelylaw a dit :...
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    • 26 déc. 2009, 22h26m
    Holly must live!

    Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany's) vs. Ayla (The Clan of the Cave Bear)

    My super-eclectic music score is currently


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    • 31 déc. 2009, 11h49m
    Holly Golightly :)

    Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany's) vs. Mr Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

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    • 31 déc. 2009, 12h25m
    Holly Golightly die.

    Mr Darcy vs. Lestat (Interview with the Vampire)

    • chbosky_ a dit :...
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    • 1 jan. 2010, 14h56m
    Mr Darcy dies.

    Lestat (Interview with the Vampire) vs. Pennywise. (IT)

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    • 1 jan. 2010, 22h38m
    Lestat dies

    Pennywise (It) vs. Pinnhead (Clive Barker - Hellbound Heart)

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    • 2 jan. 2010, 21h39m

    Pinnhead dies

    Pennywise (It.) vs. Dexter Morgan (Darkly Dreaming Dexter - Dexter's series)

    who could kill profesional serial killer ??

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    • 3 jan. 2010, 21h27m
    Dexter Dies

    Pennywise (lt) vs Parker (Point Blank - Richard Stark)

  • Parker dies

    Pennywise (It) vs Faust (Faust)

    When you are next out of doors on a summer night, turn your head towards the zenith. Almost vertically above you will be shining the brightest star of the northern skies — Vega of the Lyre, twenty-six years away at the speed of light, near enough to the point of no return for us short-lived creatures. Past this blue-white beacon, fifty times as brilliant as our sun, we may send our minds and bodies, but never our hearts. For no man will ever turn homewards beyond Vega, to greet again those he knew and loved on Earth.
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    • 7 jan. 2010, 22h03m
    Faust dies

    Pennywise (It) vs. Bride of Frankenstein (The Bride of Frankenstein - Elizabeth Hand)

  • Pennywise dies (hell hath no fury... ;-) )

    Bride of Frankenstein (The Bride of Frankenstein - Elizabeth Hand) vs. Anita Blake (Guilty Pleasures)

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    • 14 jan. 2010, 17h21m
    Anita Blake dies.
    Bride of Frankenstien vs. Caroline Bingley (Pride and Prejudice)

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    • 14 jan. 2010, 20h27m
    Caroline dies.

    Bride of Frankenstein vs Behemoth (The Master and Margarita)

  • Behemoth dies (sorry, but ancient Gods lose power over the millennia ;) )

    Bride of Frankenstein vs Frankenstein's Monster - that's an in-house bout :D

    • prsoje a dit :...
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    • 15 jan. 2010, 13h41m
    Bride of Frankenstein dies

    Frankenstein's Monster vs Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde (Robert Louis Stevenson)

  • That's unfair, it's a handicap match! ;)

    Frankenstein's Monster dies

    Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde vs the werewolf of Tarker Mills (Stephen King, Cycle of the Werewolf)

  • the werewolf dies

    Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde vs Azazello (The Master and Margarita)

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    • 16 jan. 2010, 13h19m
    The winner is Azazello :D

    Azazello vs Anna Karenina

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