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Créé le : 8 août 2009
Description :
Love it when a forum topic goes completly tits up in a ditch? Well we do.

This group was made to honour the memory of the For all of you who (or is it whom?) are bored...thread. Many brave men and women died in one of the most violent and unexpected grammar wars of the 21st century including the highly outspoken and controversial political leader/ex flagship of the neo surrealist movement SleepParalysis.

Many point the finger of blame towards the forums local lobbyist/socialite/falconry expert OrdealByFire for laying the foundations of one of the most disastrous and costly derailings to ever take place on the internets. Left wing types however are quicker to blame the infamous templar cult leader Jupt for being the first of a plethora of know-it-all's. Some conspiracy theorists have implicated seemingly rival presidential candidates / known Mafia dons / hobby orthodonotists Questtothecat and Iam04 for having set up the entire thing to look like an accident in order to gain a firmer position in forum.

In the end it doesn't matter though how or why it happened. The thread has left a legacy of terror and suffering so long as people who experienced it first-hand are alive to remember it. Exept for st1tch that is. His penis is huge so he's not afraid of anything. OtakuLily is the only individual still alive from this of terrible conflict so its memory dies with him/her. Upon which it will be consigned to the historybooks. I, Sir Selfsurprise Jnr, for one hope it will be heeded by future generations as an example of atrocity, human vulgarity and massive lulz to aspire to and emulate.

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