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Leaders : mrs_myhh
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Créé le : 3 jui. 2006
Description :
"They dwell in the night,
and plague your black dreams
Much more than human
Devouring your screams
They are the stuff of nightmares
The ice in your veins
Gnawing like maggots
in freshly...

Horror Punk News:

3/22/07: Hey guys and ghouls! I'd like to announce that I'm now in full co-operation with Fiendforce Records! I'll be spreading the word about all their new CD's and shows coming out, and I'll give out free Fiendforce stuff whenever I can get it to my beloved fiends! Go check out their myspace and website now!

2/3/07: Fiends, I'm in your need now more than ever! I think it's our duty to spring three innocent guys from jail, as they were sent there for listening to the music we do now! To find out how to help, visit this group!! Thanks in advance!!

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