Bearly Rambling talks about Graziella Schazad.

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    • 12 fév. 2012, 17h19m

    Bearly Rambling talks about Graziella Schazad.

    Bearly Rambling Blog:
    " This young lady comes to us today because a friend recommended I take a listen to her. I'm really glad he did, Graziella Schazad is a talented musician. Note I said musician not just singer, she plays the guitar and violin as well as singing. She hails from Germany with a Polish mother and an Afghani father and she sings in English, a true multi-national. Give her a listen she will make your ears happy. "

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    See you!

    • moma57 a dit :...
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    • 12 fév. 2012, 18h39m
    She´s great!
    Thank you, flaviossz

  • Muito legal esse vídeo, adorei Flávio!

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