Go To Hell Feminem!

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Créé le : 2 août 2009
Description :
He's just a pitiful and charv clown. He's delusional and he's loosin his mind. He's lyin that he did sex w/MC when everybody knows the truth! The only place is the hell for him!

Def give a chance him and listen his 2 free singles, which are HOT as HELL!
Especially if you love dancing, and if you like Britney or Lady Gaga, check him out!
IF you believe in my music taste, DEFINITELY LISTEN THEM!

The most promising upcoming singer EVER! Simon Curtis is gettin ready to be the new PRINCE of POP music! If you love dancing, you'll obviously LOVE Simon!

Check it out his 2 free hot singles Diablo and Delusional Plus, Diablo has a huge surprise for all Britney fans! See if you can catch the Britney Spears shout out!!!

We dont eat candy!

Why you so obsessed with her?

Boy we wanna know!

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