• cparker15 a dit :...
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    • 19 juin 2006, 23h39m


    Welcome to the GNU group!

    Please introduce yourself and let the rest of us know a little about you.

    For example:
    • What operating system(s) do you use? Any GNU/Linux distribution(s)? Are you on the bleeding edge, using the Hurd kernel or a BSD kernel? Something exotic?
    • What's your favorite GNU package?
    • Have you ever contributed to the GNU operating system or any other software that has been bundled with it, such as the Linux kernel?
    • How do you primarily listen to your music? Rhythmbox, Amarok, XMMS, Player, Shell.FM, or something else?
    • Anything else you wish to share?

    • oleoleole a dit :...
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    • 26 juin 2006, 1h27m
    Jåw! I'm a norwegian GNU/Linux user.
    Currently I use extremely modified Kubuntu/debian distro on my desktop/workstation, could call it for "Debuntu" or something, hehe. On my laptop it's a clean Kubuntu-install, because of the laziness:p On my server it's Debian stable (sarge), and yeah, that is bloody stable.

    I have no idea what my favourite GNU package is, APT maybe.

    amaroK is a must for me, no other players can match that good player. It's the best. And I still like "amaroK" better than "Amarok" :p

    More shit about me can be found at my homepage, both in norwegian, and crappy english:
    Norwegian: - English:

    Ikke helt i vater
    • mwolson a dit :...
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    • 26 juin 2006, 21h06m

    I primarily use the Emacs operating system, coupled with XFCE to manage windows and the occasional non-Emacs program. My GNU/Linux distribution of choice is Ubuntu Dapper.

    I maintain 2 GNU packages: Emacs Muse and ERC. I also enjoy working on EMMS, DVC, and ErBot.

    I primarily listen to music with a combination of EMMS and MusicPD, using some glue code that I wrote called emms-player-mpd.el.

    • GerManson a dit :...
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    • 2 août 2006, 19h49m
    i am running Gentoo.
    love portage.

    I am coding my own calendar and agenda using C# and monodevelop.

    and I listen music in my amaroK

    • s3ntient a dit :...
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    • 3 août 2006, 0h49m

    I'm currently running Gentoo on my desktop, server and firewall. I've been using Gentoo for over 3 years now and I'm very pleased with it!

    For my music, I usually use amaroK although I sometimes switch to ncmpc/mpd.

    • ukh a dit :...
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    • 12 août 2006, 20h32m
    I've been a Debian user for many years, but has recently started to diverge in the direction of Ubuntu. I've also had affairs with Gentoo, the BSDs and most proprietary UNIX systems, but I still remain quite faithful to Debian-derived GNU/Linux systems.

    Most of the music I listen to is by means of a SlimServer and a SqueezeBox.

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 16 août 2006, 9h40m

    I'm a GNU/Linux user (dual booter in fact, because of my work) since 2002 I think...I started with a SuSE 7.3 Live CD and shortly after that I installed Mandrake 8.2
    Then I moved on to RedHat 8 up to FC3. In the mean time I had been looking to Debian and related distro's, but I really switched when Ubuntu came out.
    So since the end of 2004 I'm a happy Ubuntu user :)

    My contributions to free software at this moment are quite limited: I started the Dutch translation of Novell's Banshee player. One day I'll try to do some software development too, but I have to raise my knowledge levels first ;)

    Amarok's my audio player, I really like it :)

  • I followed Slike over here from Classic Rock where he just joined.

    I've been using SUSE 10.0 since its release last September; actually I first installed 10.0 RC1 and then upgraded to 10.0. SUSE 10.0 is my first Linux. Previously, I was a Windows (of some sort) user. I'm planning an install of SUSE 10.1 as soon as I can afford a new hard drive. :)

    I guess my favorite GNU package is Amarok, which developement I have contributed to (financially).

    Amarok is the only music player I use; I love it!

    I also use KDE.

    I'm a convert. I will never return to Windows or closed source software. ;)

    • mattl a dit :...
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    • 20 août 2006, 2h50m
    I'm Matt. I'm the chief webmaster for the GNU project :)

    I run Debian GNU/Linux (sid) on PowerPC64 (Apple iMac G5), but I also have a box running GNU (with Hurd) though I don't do much with it.

    My favourite package is probably emacs-nox - I have a lot of time for emacs, but xemacs annoys me.

    I use Rhythmbox (I'm the leader of the RB group here on and also Amarok.

    Please come and volunteer your skills as a webmaster. We always need more people - email me at if you're interested.

    • dkirov a dit :...
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    • 9 oct. 2006, 12h12m

    Some 'about' bytes

    Hi mates,
    Kirov here. I'm running a Gentoo GNU/Linux distribution, hoping one day to switch to GNU/Hurd :). My favourite players are Rhythmbox, Listen and Quodlibet. I'd be glad to see a player that covers all features of these three. In my free time I write code for Gajim.

    • kesara a dit :...
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    • 9 oct. 2006, 16h12m
    I'm Kesara from Sri Lankan.
    I used Gentoo Linux for about 2 years and recently convereted to ArchLinux due to lack of time that I can spend on installing and updating. :-)
    I use MPD with mpc, ncmpc and gmpc to listen to your music.

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    • crack33 a dit :...
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    • 18 fév. 2007, 21h00m
    Greetings from Austria :)

    I'm mainly using Gentoo, convinced my mom and brother to use SuSE and got Debian on an ancient 450 Mhz AMD K6-2 (which I will replace with Gentoo somewhere in the future).
    And as soon as Hurd is stable and kickin', I'll switch; mainly because I don't like Linus' attitude and the everlasting flame wars concerning Linux.

    I would love to participate in some projects as a programmer, however, I don't think that I'm good enough to just join a project (also, I'm too shy to just go "Hey! What about me joining you, hanging 'round in IRC and coding some stuff?").
    In a year or so (whenever I have written enough sample apps using the DBUS low level API to feel comfortable with it) I will start writing an IRC client for some kind of a diploma project (which will replace a part of my graduation). My motivation is simple: There is no IRC client that really satisfies me. KVIrc? Great client, but it's bloated, hard to understand and you need KDE. XChat? Nice, but not customisable to the extent I would like it to be. irssi? Best client yet imo, but I want to choose myself if there's a GUI.
    Sooo...client-server architecture. DBUS. Remote control from wherever you want to be. GUI? Console? Your choice. Every command can be redefined. And so on....
    ...but that's the future, and it's a long way to go :)

    Best GNU software...tough question.
    Maybe MPlayer. They're not exactly the friendliest people, but the software works like a charm.

    As for the music, I use mpd + mpdscribble.

    • c0l0 a dit :...
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    • 1 mars 2007, 8h41m

    The next in line

    is also Austrian ;) Hello from Vienna.

    I'm using a completely free variant/compilation of Gentoo GNU/Linux packages on my main machine, and - because I'm somewhat lazy when it's about administering my other boxes - Kubuntu, Zenwalk and Arch on the others. I'm a student of CS and Psychology/Philosophy at the {Technical,} University of Vienna, and also a systems administrator for a company providing a nice, though non-free Weblication focused on... well, pretty much everything advertising agencies need to do. I don't need to put my healing hands on anything that's not UNIX-like in the process, so I'm only tampering with various flavours of GNU/Linux and Apple Darwin (which sucks in comparison, imho). That's good.
    I'm not a big fan of "stable" packages for my personal desktop, so I'm mostly running testing-branches when available; my main rig is running Gentoo ~amd64.
    I'm looking forward to the HURD, and possibly a GPLv3 licensed version of Solaris, though I've never been that big a fan of SunOS when it comes to its vanilla userland. GNU ftw! :D

    My favourite GNU-Package... well, choosing from actual GNU packages, that's got to be `bash`, of course, since I spend literally hours using it a day. I just love to program it, too - the more advanced constructs are really neat. I also quite possibly could not live without GNU screen any more.
    Other free software I specifically like are vim, mplayer, KDE (including some extragear, like amarok and konversation), OpenSSH and rxvt-unicode.

    I'm not into programming that much, though I have submitted minor patches to some projects yet. Nothing spectacular. I prefer contributing by writing HowTos, helping out on usenet, in forums, irc, and whatnot. I'm also a university tutor for a course about GNU/Linux, and I promote free software whenever I can.

    I listen to music via amarok (since I've made the switch to KDE) and mplayer exclusively. Yeah, and with my portable, Vorbis-enabled audio player, of course ;)

    To find a few closing words to this unexceptedly long post, I'd like to thank all those who spend their valuable time creating, advancing and fostering adoption of free software all over the world. I firmly believe you're making it a better one.

    - colo aka Johannes

    Free Software. Free Society. Better Lives.
    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 10 mai 2007, 1h58m
    * Open Suse 10.2
    * AmaroK
    * No
    * AmaroK as i say :)
    * Ask?

  • * Fedora 6
    * Azureus, if I had to choose.
    * Yeah, some minor things.
    * mpd with gmpc
    * moo

  • Moi

    I'm in England, I run Mandrake 8.6 and win32 XP wth a freebsd 4.2 server. I also have fbsd 6.2 on a pc but I'm switching back to 4.x or 5.x some time soon. I'm mainly into programming and hacking.

    • logictheo a dit :...
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    • 22 mai 2009, 21h15m
    1. gNewSense 2.2
    Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04
    Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10

    2. Gnuzilla Icecat (web browser), I guess

    3. I don't think so. I could help in translations probably, a bit.

    4. Rhythmbox, using a plugin. If I could make another plugin to work I could both update and

    5. When I'm using Rhythmbox, I don't store the music on my harddrive(only a few pieces), but I choose from the store submenu, for example Jamendo, or Magnatune, to find music to play.

    • Mithferion a dit :...
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    • 14 juin 2009, 1h32m


    - What I use:
    1.- Because of school and some other things, Windows XP SP3. There are some years of configuration and it's very nice to me.
    2.- I use Mandriva Linux 2009.1 Spring. It's beautiful and it has all I need. I recomend it. But maybe, later, I'd like to try something else like Arch Linux.

    - What's your favorite GNU package?
    I don't know, there are tons of cool stuff. I simply don't know.

    - Have you ever contributed to the GNU operating system or any other software that has been bundled with it, such as the Linux kernel?
    Well, hope that "spreading the word" counts on this one (;
    I'd like to translate some things. Maybe for the KDE project. I really liked version 4.2.*.

    - How do you primarily listen to your music?
    Amarok. Version 2.1 is kind of cool. Hope it goes in the same way to a better version.

    - Anything else you wish to share?
    Well, I use Firefox with the "essential" extensions: NoScript and AdBlock Plus. Browsing is such and enjoyable experience with those things.

    • Skiye a dit :...
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    • 9 juin 2010, 19h45m
    hi, i am Skiye -

    i enjoy long walks through your mind, picnics and musics.

    here is my pc junk =)

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