New funk bands please!

    • Luuttuaja a dit :...
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    • 16 déc. 2010, 10h24m

    New funk bands please!

    Hi! We are all familiar with the greatness of James Brown, Sly Stone, Parliament/Funkadelic, Tower of Power, Commodores, Earth Wind & Fire etc, but how about new bands? What's going on with the funk scene right now?

    I'm totally unaware of the development of funk music in the 1990s and 2000s, the "newest" band I'm familiar with must be Jamiroquai, who started somewhere in the late 1980s...

    Most preferably I would like to hear new bands with a driving horn section and a pronounced, improvisational musicianship. Electronic additions are ok, but I prefer the groove being played by a real rhythm section, rather than just a drum machine. So what's "the Tower of Power of 2000s"?

  • the freebeez

    I am Funkadelic
    Dedicated to the feeling of good
    And baby, I'm good at being good
    • C_J_Cwals a dit :...
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    • 2 juin 2011, 7h47m
    Galactic, Funk'n'stein for example

    calm like a bomb...
    • defy_u a dit :...
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    • 19 juin 2011, 9h28m

    it could be...

    Maybe Liquid Soul.
    George Clinton?
    The Meters?

    ...i don´t ever want to feel like i did that day...
    • ptrkhmbrg a dit :...
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    • 30 août 2011, 7h26m

    Just about any of the Daptone bands

    i.e. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Budos Band, Menahan Street Band, Charles Bradley, Antibalas and so on.

    • onno88 a dit :...
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    • 31 août 2011, 7h33m
    I like Lefties Soul Connection very much. Not so well-known, but try it anyway.

    • shmackin a dit :...
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    • 8 mars 2014, 22h51m

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