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Falcom Sound Team JDK also known as Nihon Falcom, Falcom Music Staff, Falcom Sound Team J.D.K., J.D.K., Sound Team JDK.

Falcom Sound Team JDK's discography

"Falcom Sound Team JDK" (1988-present) doesn't describe anyone in particular as specific members can come and go. It is just a general term to credit whoever composed the music to Nihon Falcom games (they develop and publish video and computer games).

Thus, it is near impossible to describe their music in one sentence. It can be said however that their music covers diverse styles.

Some of Falcom's most popular/well-known games/music include:

Dinosaur series
Eiyuu Densetsu (The Legend of Heroes) series
Sorcerian series
VM (Vantage Master) series
Xanadu series
Ys series
Zwei!! series

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