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Description :
This group is dedicated to Eilera, a french singer that came from the metal music scene. Nowadays, her music is carved in the Folk Rock. The band is composed by Eilera (vocals) and Loïc Tézénas...

[video artist=Eilera]Fusion[/video]

== History ==

Eilera and Loïc Tézénas both come from the metal music scene. After years of classical guitar and singing for Eilera and of Jazz guitar studies for Loïc, both of them took the path of melodic metal, mainly with the bands Kalisia and Chrysalis for Loïc and with Chrysalis for Eilera.

It is in 2003 that Eilera and Loïc finally find their identity and the direction to take. The metal roots can still be felt in the general atmosphere and in the sound of the guitars, but they are used with a lot more delicacy than before. The same with the electronic elements, used in an original and innovating manner. The Celtic colour which could be slightly felt in the previous recordings is now clearly part of the Eilera's style.

In February-March 2005, Eilera and Loïc record their first CD for Spinefarm Records - the 'Precious Moment' four songs Ep - in Helsinki. The already established 'Eilera style' melts more obviously with the metal roots of the duet. This recording is the starting-point of Eilera's collaboration with the producer Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Sentenced...), and with the musicians Antti Lehtinen -drums - Pasi Heikkilä - bass - Scotish celtic fiddle player Ian McCamy, and some other talented musicians, mainly Finnish. A new era has started for Eilera...

The new album was composed and written between May and December 2005.
In March 2006, the drums and bass were recorded at Finnvox studio, Helsinki,
With Antti Lehtinen on drums again, and Tommi Saarikivii on bass.
The main difference here? There was no producer this time.
Indeed, this would be one of the main characteristics of this album:
Eilera would produce her own album.

All in all, this album will confirm the main themes in Eilera's work:
balance between Strength and Frailty, Ambiguity, closeness to Nature, the roots of these 'precious moments' in life.
And her two obsessions of all times:
Freedom and Beauty.

== Discography ==

= Albums =
Facettes [2003] (Demo album)
Fusion [2007]

= Singles & EPs =
Precious Moment [2005]

= Non-album tracks =
Hymn to Beauty

== Font: http://www.eilera.com/ ==

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