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Créé le : 14 mars 2008
Description :
People who love Dominici..

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  • nora210

    @HunterPL: It's hard to compare pt.1 with the other parts... Totally different. The whole album is acoustic. Anyway, it's not bad at all. You can order it from Dominici himself on ebay. I did the same and he even signed it^^

    24 mai 2010 Répondre
  • HunterPL

    Whoah!This band is amazing.They have dynamic songs and full of emotions,I bought O3 pt.2 and pt.3 and I rly enjoy albums! I like Dominici's voice,maybe even more than LaBrie's. Dominici has made huge success with his voice. I remember him from When The Dream and Day Unite and now it's better by far. I noticed, that his voice sounds better in lower tonations, exactly perfect for album he's done. I also noticed that Brian's style is similar to Petrucci's. I heard that they are buddies,so maybe that's the reason of similar style? The song "The Calling" is similar to Dream Theater's Honor Thy Father from Train of Thought. I don't know WHY this band isn't known in public. I wrote a post at polish Dream Theater's board and no1 posts reply. No1 knows this band or doesn't like it? Also I can't buy albums in Poland except Pt.2. I had to had order Pt.3 from Ebay. What about pt.1? Is it as good as pt.2 and 3?

    6 mai 2010 Répondre
  • masterdefacer

    And I hate the people who says Charlie has a insensitive - bad vocal...

    17 oct. 2008 Répondre
  • masterdefacer

    I listened him on the first album of Dream Theater (When Dream and Day Unite) and i was very shocked , amazed. He has a different vocal style , I've never heard before. Long Live Dominici !

    17 oct. 2008 Répondre
  • vai777

    Hi folks! Glad I've joined this group.

    19 avr. 2008 Répondre
  • JustJen

    hey everyone :) Good to see you here.

    28 mars 2008 Répondre
  • niskin This free song has kindly been given to us by Charlie himself straight from his latest album, enjoy.

    25 mars 2008 Répondre
  • theshredmaster

    I have joined

    16 mars 2008 Répondre
  • fingolfin92

    We need 10 people :(

    16 mars 2008 Répondre
  • niskin

    Welcome to the group! Feel free to post your thoughts and opinions here.

    14 mars 2008 Répondre
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