AudioScrobbling for Debian GNU/Linux

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    • 14 août 2007, 17h13m

    AudioScrobbling for Debian GNU/Linux

    Question: what player do you use for scrobbling?

    As for me I use Banshee, it has many benefits: it downloads albums' covers, output relevant lists of artists, and so on...

    What about you?

    • mwgamera a dit :...
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    • 22 août 2007, 22h45m
    I use mpd for playing and lastfmsubmitd for scrobbling.
    While MPD don't have all those features of graphical clients but it's easily scriptable and I love the possibility to c-a-bs Xorg w/o killing the music ;)

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    • 23 août 2007, 13h29m
    mwgamera said:
    ..c-a-bs Xorg w/o killing the music ;)

    ..the most useful thing for console players.

    • ponton616 a dit :...
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    • 24 août 2007, 17h16m
    I use Rhythmbox and wait for new stable version of MOC (Music on console).

  • I use Music Player Daemon aka mpd with Sonata frontend and scmpc for scrobbling.

    Nothing else matters
    • j33433 a dit :...
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    • 28 août 2007, 3h19m

    A KDE app that downloads covers, fetches lyrics, similar artists, etc.

  • amarok on sidux & debian, exaile on ubuntu / fedora

  • shameless plug

    I just modified a patch to mpg321 to submit tracks via lastfmsubmitd. I use mpg321 with IrMP3 on a fanless mini-itx, debian etch box, hooked to my stereo. If anyone is interested in the patch let me know or check the link on my profile. I also use amarok on my desktop and laptop to sync my ipod nano.

    • Hadret a dit :...
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    • 7 sept. 2007, 11h12m
    MPD + ncmpc/Sonata + lastfmsubmitd & lastmp (:

    • gnu_andrew a dit :...
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    • 17 sept. 2007, 17h53m
    My own patched XMMS with audioscrobbler plugin :)

    Andii :)
    • Eleniel a dit :...
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    • 19 sept. 2007, 19h10m

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    • 22 sept. 2007, 0h45m
    I use xmms.

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    • 24 sept. 2007, 20h30m
    It is fun to use Debian,I love it every day.

    • SirSiggi a dit :...
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    • 29 sept. 2007, 19h58m
    I use MPD + ncmpc and scmpc for Scrobbling.

  • audacious + plugin

    I like audacious because WinAmp/XMMS look, not so sorce eating like banshee or amarok...

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    • gassla a dit :...
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    • 18 oct. 2007, 14h59m


    • taaren a dit :...
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    • 18 oct. 2007, 21h04m
    For me, Amarok is the best audioplayer for GNU/Linux. Especially for KDE-users.

    • gigawebs a dit :...
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    • 6 nov. 2007, 17h00m
    Amarok :)

    • derobert a dit :...
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    • 9 nov. 2007, 2h41m
    I used to use xmms, but then I switched to Amarok. I still miss imms and plan to port it someday.

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    • tesserhex a dit :...
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    • 22 nov. 2007, 22h39m


    Gotta agree with Amarok on a number of points raised. Lately, though, I've switched to Exaile, which, being in Gtk+ loads quicker than Amarok on the Gnome platform.

    Written in Python, though, so dependencies can be tricky.

    But if you can get it up and running you'll enjoy it. If you've got KDE, it'll be as slow as Amarok is on Gnome, but there's next to no difference - honest!

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    • 15 déc. 2007, 13h50m



    • dbfuentes a dit :...
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    • 20 déc. 2007, 13h16m


    Is an audio player written in Python for Gnome

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    • jorrizza a dit :...
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    • 13 jan. 2008, 20h53m
    MPD using lastfmsubmitd and gmpc as a client. It broadcasts audio using Icecast.

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    • boskar a dit :...
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    • 9 fév. 2008, 18h04m
    Audacious - but i really miss Media Library feature. I'm so addicted do winamp look that playing music in program w/o winamp skins support is strange.
    Any ideas how can i have winamp look and good media library?

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    • 19 fév. 2008, 17h19m
    as a result of my recent shift to Kubuntu i use Amarok.

    to boskar, i also made use of the media library in Winamp extensively. i think you should try Amarok. its collection feature is even better, though its look is far from "a la winamp" :-)

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