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    It has come to my attention that some people are persistently describing bland or outright offensive monsters as 'Folk', leaving the true monsters of the modal scene to howl and writhe in the lonely alleys of Worcester City (or Dirty Old Town if you've a carefully trimmed beard of Bolshevist misery). It happens with every genre - Jamie Cullum for Jazz, Amy Winehead for Soul, Gogol Bordello for Gypsy-Punk - but Folk has a bad enough reputation as it is and doesn't need unflushable turd James Blunt leering in from the periphery, calling it a slut and telling it to undress.

    Help me compile a list of people are wrongly labelled as folk, for when we are inevitably regarded as the only dispensers of truth.

    K T Tunstell
    James Blunt
    those poor sods who did Five Hundred Miles

    Is there anything emptier than the drawer where you used to store your opium?
    • DrLorenzo a dit :...
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    • 20 nov. 2007, 1h10m
    My favourite ever quotes about James Blunt was at a Doctor Who forum:

    1. "The one good thing I can think of about James Blunt is he's taken the heat off of James Hunt in Cockney circles. I heard a single called '1973' on the radio a few weeks back, after which Vanessa Feltz commented 'To be in 1973 with James Blunt - really, can you think of anything worse?'. When even Vanessa Feltz coats you off you know you've got problems."

    2. "I've found that 'you're beautiful' song marginally more entertaining (in an admittedly sneering sense) if, whenever it appears on a radio that you are not able to turn off or over, you imagine the song was originally written about Our Glorious and Regal Queen whilst James was still her Most Loyal and Humble Servant, and was originally called 'You're Beautiful... Your Most Royal Highness' but was forcibly changed by dirty commie studio engineers afraid that the message of Ultimate Surrender to Her Most Splendiferous Majesty and Ambassador of The Lord God Queen Elizabeth Windsor II would, in the public eye, reveal such Cromwellian filth for the cowering commie dogs they are etc. etc."

    • MickGunz06 a dit :...
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    • 21 nov. 2007, 5h47m
    Gahhhhh! Starbucks Folk....however, apparently its great for selling mobile phones and auto insurance.

    And lets not forget David Gray!

    However, to be fair you can certainly pass an equal amount of the blame to the U.S. for some truly atrocious tweefolkies like Jewel...shudder....

    To Freud to party, too Jung to die..
    • hirogura a dit :...
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    • 3 déc. 2007, 12h45m
    Crosby Stills & Nash
    James Taylor
    John Denver
    Heck, anyone from the I'm-So-Sensitive-So-Please-Sleep-With-Me school of songwriting (as dubbed by Elvis Costello) would qualify.

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 25 jan. 2008, 20h53m
    [never mind]

    • Ulfherjar a dit :...
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    • 31 jan. 2008, 10h52m


    ...if it all boils down to death or sex then its folk music. Admittedly its mostly hidden in metaphor and allusion, but if you can't dance around a fire wearing a horses skull drinking cider then it probably isn't taggable as folk.

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 9 avr. 2008, 16h41m
    The group founder has good taste in music. I listen to many of the same bands. I also listen to indiepop (and alt country-rock as well). There is a group on slsk called "Twee Folks" (folks (meaning "people") who listen to twee music, a sub-genre of indiepop). I doubt many "twee folks" would listen to Enya or other such artists. Enya isn't either jangly or bossa nova enough for most twee folks. Are you saying you don't like new age artists that seem to end up in the "folk" genres? I agree 100%, but what does that have to do with twee? It isn't impossible that someone would like both Steeleye Span and Belle & Sebastian. Or Oysterband and Camera Obscura. Why not a "Death to New Age and Top 40 Folkers" group instead?

    • Ulfherjar a dit :...
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    • 21 mai 2009, 10h19m
    What about Runrig?
    I can't stand 'em, it's all trans-euro synthy-sounding eighties yuck.
    Isn't it?

  • Folk/not folk

    People I really love, but are they or are they not folk, or worse the dreaded 'singer songwriter' tag - ISB, COB, Dr Strangely Strange, Nick Drake, Roy Harper, Comus, PBS/Tom Rapp, Mark Fry etc.

    Singer-songwriters who are deffo not folk - J*mes Bl*nt, erm, that's it, I can't remember any of the other twee bedwetty capo-on-the-seventh-fret sensitive bastards because they are all so bland and forgettable

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