Dave working on new album!

  • Dave working on new album!

    From his blog http://www.6767.com; Jan 9th 08 entry --

    "Lastly, I have been getting all my recording gear together to start work on another album. With no label or corporate input, I am really looking forward to this process. This will actually be the first time in my life I have had that freedom."

    Yay! I am so stoked, I loved his first solo album. :)

    • TheBadkins a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 26 jan. 2008, 22h55m
    Fukcing great! :D

    I'm big fan of Navarro, maybe because I love Chili Peppers, and of course One Hot Minute was my first album where I could hear how amazing he's performing. His solo album, called Trust No One, sometimes touches me in my deepest places, cause he has so great lyrics, about his problems, relationships, etc.

    Navarro is back :-)

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