Cheryl Cole 'working on R&B album'

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    • 28 avr. 2009, 17h15m

    Cheryl Cole 'working on R&B album'

    Cheryl Cole has reportedly started working on an R&B-inspired solo album.

    The Girls Aloud singer, who previously collaborated with on 'Heartbreaker', is said to be eager to record music more similar to her own tastes.

    "The solo stuff Cheryl's been working on is R&B-based, as that's her favourite kind of music," a source told Heat.

    "Her influences are artists like Beyoncé and Mary J. Blige, so she wants to keep that soulful vibe."

    Earlier this year, the star fuelled speculation that she wanted to launch a career in the US after holding talks with Simon Cowell and executives.

    Cole is currently rehearing with her Girls Aloud bandmates for their upcoming tour, which kicks off in Manchester on April 24.

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