• Hello!

    Hey, i dont know if anyone ever checks this page, but i just moved to charlotte and i just joined this group. i'm pretty impressed with the musical tastes of everyone. alright. peace.

  • lol... no replies. haha. maybe because charlotteans aren't so talkative, in this case "writeative"

    • AugDog76 a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 31 août 2010, 17h39m
    What's up TAB? Welcome to Charlotte.

    None Are More Hopelessley Enslaved Then Those Who Falsely Believe They Are Free...
  • hey. thanks. the school is killing me. i don't have time to listen my favorite music... because all my time goes on doing stupid homework like taping the pages of my notebooks. i wonder if all the teachers are so crazy... haha

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