Black Metal is Ridiculous

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Créé le : 14 avr. 2008
Description :
For everone that thinks black metal is laughable. Also for people that hate narrowheaded elitist black-metal heads that think they invented the world because their music taste is oh so trve. People...

I mean look at this guy, is he for real? He fails so hard at being badass. Make-up, the outfit, a lulzy looking sword? And don't tell me I'm the only one annoyed by the average black-metal riff (3 notes HAH?), let's not even start about the vocals or the lyrics (ORCS, ELVES AND DWARVES ARE SO TRVELY BADASS AND EVUL).

Trvely awesome gallery:

I has a club. lol.

we challenge you... to a game of warhammer

i brought black-metal to the mainstream, but still managed to look like a total ass

this is how the average black metal fan looks like

and ofcourse the trvest black metal video around:
The recycled Iron Maiden riffs go so well with the video.

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