Favorite Austin Band - And You Can't Say SPOON!

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    • 24 déc. 2007, 8h33m

    Favorite Austin Band - And You Can't Say SPOON!

    What's your favorite Austin band (other than the ubiquitous Spoon?)

    I really like this little alt country band called Mice and Rifles that plays at Stubb's a lot. The lead singer sounds a bit like Johnny Cash. :)

    • hundred a dit :...
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    • 26 déc. 2007, 15h47m
    bill callahan aka smog.

    • aisha88 a dit :...
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    • 31 déc. 2007, 16h57m
    okkervil river or ghostland observatory

  • I LOVE

    Voxtrot and Ghostland Observatory

  • The Octopus Project is slowly but surely becoming my favorite Austin band. Voxtrot used to be back in earlier days, but they've changed their sound a lot in my opinion. Not to say they aren't good though, I still like them, just not as much as I used to. What Made Milwaukee Famous is great too.

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    • 6 jan. 2008, 19h20m



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    • 8 jan. 2008, 1h36m

    who in their right mind would say spoon?

  • old school

    I used to like Little Sister. They played at the Black Cat back in the 90s.

    • delevarnu a dit :...
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    • 9 jan. 2008, 0h12m
    the flametrick subs

    • tiffanyess a dit :...
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    • 23 jan. 2008, 20h55m
    Belaire, Low Line Caller, Ghostland Observatory, Okkervil River, Sound Team, White Ghost Shivers...

  • Sound Team. I'm very sad that they're broken up.

  • you should check out the folk sound of Brothers and Sisters



    but I love Peter and the Wolf and Brazos.

    of course okkervil river and voxtrot are up there.

    check out there are words!

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    • 25 fév. 2008, 22h35m
    voxtrot, oh no! oh my, okkervil river, ghostland

  • leatherbag, they're amazing.
    peter and the wolf are awesome, too.

  • Okkervil River, Voxtrot, What Made Milwaukee Famous.

    • kcasplund a dit :...
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    • 9 mars 2008, 8h02m
    Octopus Project, Coma In Algiers, iKiLLCaRS, White Denim, Horse + Donkey, My Education, Fires Were Shot, Grupo Fantasma, Brownout!, Yatsuzaki, Steve Arceri/This Dog's A Lion

    ETA: fucking UME!!!

    RIP: Big Boys, Seven Percent Solution, American Analog Set

    • Tal56 a dit :...
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    • 18 mars 2008, 4h05m
    okkervil river

    I like their acoustic album

  • Drake Tungsten. Wait... He's not a band... And it's just a cop-out answer because I was going to say Spoon.

    Besides Spoon? The Duckhills.

    Wait, you mean CURRENT bands, and not something from 17 years in the past? The Black and White Years and Belaire. A year ago I might have said Voxtrot, but to be honest I think I overplayed them and got tired. I may come back to them at a later date and think, "Man, what was I thinking not listening to them anymore?!"

    • uselessgoo a dit :...
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    • 26 mars 2008, 21h46m
    the lemurs
    trail of dead

  • The Black Angels. White Denim is a close second though.

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  • {{{Sunset}}}'s new album is superb. Experimental Aircraft just put out a good one too.

    • Shad4k a dit :...
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    • 24 mai 2008, 12h39m
    Explosions in the Sky is the only appropriate answer to this question. I suppose if Spoon are ruled out then they are too though.

    I'll go with Amplified Heat, My Education, and The Meat Purveyors. Haven't heard the first's new album yet though, and there are of course tons of local acts I haven't heard at all.

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