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Female fronted black metal band from Greece.

Astarte fan group

There is no need to repeat the official biography of the band. It easily can be found at
It would be interesting to collect related information, facts and links to internet resources.
  • New video "Everlast"
  • Tristessa played bass in Vorphalack in 1995 - 1998.
  • lloth released a demo tape "Dancing in the Dark Lakes of Evil". Here is the cover of compact cassette

    A CD-R image of that cassette still can be ordered at the official site or myspace.
  • Editions of "Sirens"
  • The hellish bass is recognized! That is Cort Curbow 5:

    Thanks to Emperor from SARIOLA for help.
  • Stickers of Astarte and insected
  • The split of the band was not very warm. However it is interesting to know where is Kinthia now. The last known appearence was at the album "A Quatrain For The Damned" (2003) by Shadows Dance. She screeches in "Licking The Limbs Of Abyss" (2:04) and in "Until The Young Whore Sings" (1:56, 3:00).
  • French fan site (last updated in 2004)
  • Astarte is known as a non-orthodoxal black metal band with a mythologigal and abstract lyrics. However the Greek TV organized a dispute between Tristessa and a Prist. Here is the translation into English made by paris_l87

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