Ashes and Snow

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Leader : Ashenica
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Créé le : 11 fév. 2009
Description :
If you come to me at this moment
Your minutes will become hours
Your hours will become days
And your days will become a lifetime

Letter 1

To the Princess of the Elephants;
I disappeared exactly one year ago today. On that day I received a letter. It called me back to the place where my life with the elephants began.

Please forgive me, for the silence between us has been unbroken for one year.

This letter breaks that silence. It marks the first of my three hundred and sixty-five letters to you, one for each day of silence.

I will never be more myself than in these letters.

They are my maps of the bird path, and they are all that I know to be true.

Letter 7.

"In the beginning of time, the skies were filled with flying elephants. Too heavy for their wings, they sometimes crashed through the trees and frightened other animals.

All the flying grey elephants migrated to the source of the Ganges. They agreed to renounce their wings and settle on the earth. When they molted, millions of wings fell to the earth, the snow covered them, and the Himalayas were born.

The blue elephants landed in the sea and their wings became fins. They are whales, the trunkless elephants of the oceans. Their cousins are the manatees, the trunkless elephants of the rivers.

The chameleon elephants kept their wings but agreed never again to land on the earth. They change the colors of their feathers every day. Today they are azure, and when it rains they are the color of pearls.

When they go to sleep, the chameleon elephants always lie down in the same place in the sky and dream with one eye open. The stars you see at night are the unblinking eyes of sleeping elephants, who sleep with one eye open to best keep watch over us."

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