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Leader : YWLvanDuyn
Politique d'adhésion : Approbation du propriétaire
Créé le : 27 avr. 2008
Description :
This group is for artists who are subscribing to Last.FM.

The three requirements to join this group are:
1) You have a subscription to Last.FM and therefore supports the message Last.FM brings to the world of music and prove your dedication to improve the possibilities of (independent) artists to emenate their creative being.

2) You are an artist with an artist page on Last.FM

3) You have your own official artist website or a very, very dedicated MySpace or Hyves-page

This group is static in its existance, just 'grouping' subscribers who are also artists. Jolly fun, eh!

Maybe someone can help me with creating a suitable group logo.

Today, the following artists are giving their support to this group:

YWL van Duyn -
Maini Sorri -
Sigurdór Guðmundsson -
Cathi Bruns -
Sspin -
Pixieguts -
lactophobia -

Currently, we have 0 pending members.

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