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Leaders : CorossiNL et 777GOD777
Politique d'adhésion : Approbation du propriétaire
Créé le : 15 juin 2005
Description :
Elitist group for true hardcore headz. If you listen to hardcore, we want you. If you don't, don't waste our time.
And we are talking about gabber here, not punk. Emo is not even on the menu.

No bullshit any more! Kick ass!!

Are you a true gabber?
Are you sick of all those other hardcore groups that seem to be fronting, where in a list of top 50 artists only Manul le Malin down at #37 shows they even KNOW what hardcore is?
Do you know that while D.O.A. IS a hardcore group, it stands for Disciples of Annihilation?
Do you recognize our connected artists for the musical giants that they are?
Do you know in your heart and soul that hardcore will never die?

If you answered a resounding YES! to most, if not all, of those questions, then this is the group for you.

We are the elitist gabbers who love hardcore, sometimes in an almost obsessive manner. If you are a true hardcore fan, we want you. Any level will do; as long as your profile shows you truly listen to hardcore, yer in. Otherwise, join at your own risk. }=)

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