Favourite video-game OST composers

  • Favourite video-game OST composers

    Recently I got the chance to listen to the new Alone in the Dark soundtrack, composed by Olivier Deriviere, which gave me once again the impression that video-gaming has some interesting talents working at different things.

    So, who are your favourite composers in our little part of the world? Nobuo Uematsu was #78 in last week's charts and the first video-game related artist, so I take him for granted =)

    Mine are: Angelo Badalamenti (Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy), David Bowie/Reeves Gabrels (Omikron: The Nomad Soul), Christopher Mann (I-War 2: Edge of Chaos) and Robyn Miller (Myst & Riven).

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  • I loved the stuff by Jonathan Coulton in The Orange Box

    Particularly Still Alive

  • 植松伸夫 for Final Fantasy six and seven, 塩生康範 for Lufia Two, Chris Vrenna for American McGee's Alice, Aubrey Hodges for Quest for Glory Four, 石川淳 for Kirby Super Star, and 近藤浩治 for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario RPG, and Super Mario 64.

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    • MikeManger a dit :...
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    • 26 oct. 2008, 1h17m
    well there is Jeff van Dyck who has done lots of the music/sounds from the Total War games. You get a nice cd of music if you buy the Eras box set.

    More recently there is Amon Tobin who did the music for a Splinter Cell game. Whilst I'm on the topic check out Jesper Kyd as well (did some work for Hitman).

    And how can you not love the Super Smash Bros. sound tracks? I've got a (freebie-cd) take on things from The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra which is very nice.

  • Would have to be Jerry Martin who did all the music for the Sim City and Sims series and John Broomall who did the music for UFO Enemy Unknown, a classic computer game if ever there was one!

    • Senyako a dit :...
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    • 23 fév. 2009, 21h34m
    Probably Kow Otani's SotC soundtrack, as it's basically twenty epic over-the-top mindblowing boss battle themes.
    I've also been surprised by Hitoshi Sakimoto's Vagrant Story OST, Harry Gregson-Williams of Narnia-fame with his Metal Gear Solid OST and... I'll edit if I think of something else.

    • d3st88 a dit :...
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    • 21 mai 2009, 21h32m
    If game OST, then Akira Yamaoka. The Silent Hill 3 and 4 OSTs are brilliant.

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    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 4 juin 2009, 15h50m
    Jesper Kyd...gotta love the Hitman OSTs

    • [Utilisateur supprimé] a dit :...
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    • 4 juin 2009, 15h50m
    Jesper Kyd...gotta love the Hitman OSTs

  • As my top albums chart shows, I've listened a lot to Shunsuke Kida's Demon's Souls soundtrack. Unlike many video game OSTs, most tracks can be listened out of the game and still sound great and complete.
    I loved Kow Otani's work on Shadow of the Colossus, which was very well integrated in the game. Unfortunately, out of context it seemed dull and unpolished.

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  • I love Jesper Kyd, he is absolutely my favourite composer above all. I got to know his work while playing all the titles from Hitman series, and now I discovered Assassin's Creed's OST and they are wonderful *_* The first AC is also my faovurite videogame ever.

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  • First of all, I'd like to add to the love for Jesper Kyd - fantastic composer. The Hitman series' soundtracks are my favourites of his (particularly Blood Money).

    Then there's Adam Skorupa. He, along with Paweł Błaszczak composed the The Witcher soundtrack. A slightly dark fantasy soundtrack.

    Jack Wall and Sam Hulick did a great job on the Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 soundtracks. Jade Empire is also a good OST if you're into Eastern-themed music.

    Jeff van Dyck's soundtracks added lots of immersion into the Total War games, I recommend you check out the soundtracks. The Total War: Eras box set is a good place to start.

    Then there's also Jeremy Soule, known for soundtracks to the Elder Scrolls series. My favourite is TES IV.

    One of my other favourites is Peter McConnell, who composed the soundtracks for Grim Fandango and Psychonauts. I prefer the Psychonauts soundtrack, but that's probably because it's my favourite game of all-time.

    The Halo series soundtracks are pretty good too. They are like epic fantasy soundtracks with an added sci-fi touch.

    We also have Shawn Lee (Bully), Stephen Rippy (Age of Empires III), Inon Zur (Fallout 3 and Dragon Age: Origins)., Jason Hayes (World of Warcraft), Kai Rosenkranz (Gothic 3) and Kyle Gabler (World of Goo).

    Chris Vrenna did a fantastic job on American McGee's Alice, it's clearly influenced by his earlier industrial works, as the soundtrack is creepy and uses a lot of samples of angelic voices and breathing.

    From VA releases, I'd recommend the Fallout 3 soundtrack (full of 30s-50s pop songs), the LBP soundtrack (very "fun" music, love My Patch and Tapa Niang the most), Total Overdose (latin-like), Midnight Club II ("clubby" music) and the Scarface: The world is Yours soundtrack (over 100 tracks - all popular songs from the 70s and 80s). The Battlefield Vietnam OST is great too, added a lot to the atmosphere.

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