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Leader : Unidentified07
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Créé le : 6 jui. 2012
Description :
Group of the website www.88tillinfinity.com

Anybody is welcome, whether you think you'd 'fit in' or not. We have no real place or category anyway.

We'd all love to get to know new and interesting people, and help spread greatness in general, and great music specifically/particularly. If you know of something great, then get it to us! If you want to be shown great things, come to us, message us, email us, go to the site, use any method you like to be shown them, and experience them.

We all have a basis in Hip Hop and Soul, but enjoy and actively seek out other genres of music and culture. Our center is Hip Hop/Soul, but we appreciate good music and things of any type, just as much. On top of that, we are interested in the expansion of knowledge and consciousness, on both a personal and collective level. We are also interested in 'spirituality' (for lack of a better word. None of us believe in the supernatural, that means no psychic abilities, ghosts, religion, and all other forms of HEE-HAW), in the sense of the realisation of what you are, what this experience really is, peace, purity of emotion, and things of that nature. Maybe it's closer to existentialism and metaphysics, though eastern 'spirituality' has looked into it and given a peek into some answers.

Let's talk, let's create, let's learn, grow, expand, and share, and communicate. Also, ultimately, let's find ourselves!

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