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Why are there so many Mispelled Albums on

  • Why are there so many Mispelled Albums on

    why can't users get the chance to correct some of the mispelled albums or just send a suggestion to someone so they'd take a look at it?

    e.g. 'Paris '99: Anthony, Are You Around' isn't the official name of that album. The correct form would be 'Paris '99 - Anthony, Are You Around?', the one on my library, but which, unfortunetaly hasn't a displayed cover.

    Probably I'm sounding too perfeccionist or picky, but IMHO it would make the stats so much cleaner. Isn't there anyway would function in accordance to, let's say, Discogs, which is an excellent up-to-date music database? At least all the info would be impecable and with no mispelled artists/albums/... And with this all of the libraries would look way neat with all the correct artwork available...

  • I was going to post about the same thing. I totally agree with you. We could be able to delete misspelled albums from our library or rename to the correct name. Better yet if there were an auto-correction for albums.

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