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tell us your nightmares here

  • tell us your nightmares here

    I've heard that some people never have them.
    Well that's not me, cause I just woke up with one.

    In it, this weird ghost thing changed my sex and cursed me and it was way scarier in the dream. Now it just sounds really dumb

    any who, what are your nightmares?
    And I'm curious as to how you guys feel after you wake up from them.

    When I wake up I usually need a good 15 mins - half an hour of "happy time". Unless the dream was particularly terrifying, then I need a good hour, or I wont be able to fall back asleep

    Please let there be light In a darkened room
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    • 21 avr. 2012, 2h36m
    Maybe change this topic to a general dream topic? I have some dreams I'd like to share but they're not really nightmares. One of them is a weird and kinda surrealist sexual dream I had the other night that I'd be willing to share with anyone who wants to hear it.

    • Kennoth a dit :...
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    • 21 avr. 2012, 2h50m
    I rarely remember my dreams. Only 4% of the time, and they're almost always far too surreal to describe. Though pretty vivid at that. Now that I'm mentioning it, I'm kinda sorry I can't remember it all.

    As for the nightmares, never really had them. Maybe when I was a kid, but nothing really scares me anymore.

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    • 21 avr. 2012, 3h27m
    My dreams are always clear enough to surprise me when I wake up. They're like walking around the real world heavily stoned. I'd like to try lucid dreaming or some other methods of dreaming one day, but I've no idea how or where to start.

    I take melatonin occasionally, which ruins my dreams. On nights I take it, I don't dream or at least don't remember the dream.

  • Apparently you dream every second you're asleep and the average length of a dream is about six seconds. So that means there's no such thing as a dreamless sleep, you just often can't remember your dreams.

    I'm not quite sure where you draw the line between a dream and a nightmare tbh. I think you could call last night a nightmare. I was with these people and we kept sneaking up to the top floor of this building and we kept being found out and kept prisoner somewhere else in that building. Then we were allowed out of the building and we kept sneaking back up to the top again.

    And like Kennoth, I couldn't describe my dreams. They're too weird and they don't make any sense. I mean, I could tell you vaguely what happened but without going into every little detail you miss out on most of it. Things seem to make sense in my dreams that just wouldn't make sense in the real world. And I and everyone else in the dream just takes them for granted. And then there's the fact that I can only remember little bits.

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    • 21 avr. 2012, 19h15m
    I had a weird experience some time ago. I felt like someone was sitting on top of me trying to hit me. A lot of my dreams seem to "continue" after I've awakened.

    And one dream I thought was quite scary involved a woman, maybe a witch, who screamed very loud, like a shrill noise. I hid and her scream went louder and louder the closer she got. Then I woke. I suspect my antidepressant medication has an effect on my dreams.

    I do have trouble falling asleep after awakening from a nightmare, but most of the time I'm able to calm down.

    "Talent develops itself in solitude; character in the stream of life." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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    • 21 avr. 2012, 19h18m

    "Talent develops itself in solitude; character in the stream of life." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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    • 21 avr. 2012, 19h50m
    Titanic sailed me over Thursday night. It wasn't really scary. Just weird.
    Could be an idea to stop watching that movie..

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    • 6 mai 2012, 9h06m
    Here's a really odd dream I had about 6 a.m. this morning (May 6th)...
    I dreamt that I took a taxi in the late evening to the railway station, and when we got there I asked the driver how much and he said "one pound fifty". I offered him a fiver (presumably I didn't have anything smaller) and said to him "keep fifty pence as a tip". He gave me change consisting of just a ten pence piece and a five pence piece, and started to drive away, and I looked at my change and said to my girl friend "I see they've made coins octagonal now". I went back to the cab and said to the driver, "Hey you've given me tokens instead of money. Can you change this?" He got back in his cab and drove round the back of the station to a church, where he parked in an alley way. I started to follow him, and walked round the back to look for my girl friend, but she'd apparently already got on the train home. I got my mobile out of my pocket to phone her to make sure she was okay, entered the number and pressed the green button. There were just a couple of other women hanging round the back, and I said to them, "I'm going to write about this on in case other passengers get conned too". I found the driver's cab parked in the alley, but it was empty, so I started to walk back along the side street and passed a hole in the ground, in which seemed to be a footway linking two side streets. Suddenly I saw a large white animal (which I presumed to be a dog of some sort) with dark eyes and two rows of pointed teeth. I walked slowly along the side street (back to the station I guess) and the animal followed me. I stopped under a street light to use my phone again, and the animal grabbed my arm and tried to bite me, though I didn't feel anything. I dropped my phone as my hand opened, and it was splattered with blood. I used the other hand to try and force open the animal's jaws to get it off my arm. I dunno what happened next, as I woke up then.

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    • 20 oct. 2012, 3h15m
    (Not really a nightmare, quite the opposite. Read on...)

    This is not quite a complete rendition of the dream, as it's quite hard to write down a dream in full detail even immediately after waking, particularly at 3 A.M., but I think it captures the essence of it.

    I was at a large railway station, a terminus, on the way to work in the morning.
    At the back of the station, near the exit, there was a small franchise-kiosk, with a cake stand. I stopped at the kiosk to look.
    There was just one cake left, a small sweet cake with violet icing on top.
    The young lady at the kiosk said, "It's the last one. If you're interested in the cake, there's a tour tomorrow morning. You'll be given full credit for attending."

    We all came back the next morning for the tour.
    The inspector opened a tall metal locker against the wall, one of many, which was the receptacle for used tickets.

    We were told by the inspector, "You'll be here a couple of hours, you'll see what happens to the tickets, we'll have a look at the logic behind the departure board,
    a tour of the staff area, and at the end we'll go on a little train journey.
    The tour will take a couple of hours, and then you can all go home early, you'll have the rest of the day off.

    Why are we doing this? It's not just a work experience tour, we like our selected passengers to know what's going on behind the scenes, we're quite open about this.
    There are many other things to do here, not just collecting tickets or driving trains.

    Now, we need to make sure you can all get home afterwards.

    Is there anyone who has a travelcard or a return half, hold them up, as we don't want you to get lost, we love you.
    You should still have it, don't give it up accidentally. Good.

    All those with single tickets to here should have already surrendered them, and they should be in this pile.
    If anyone has a single ticket to here, please hold it up. We like honest people.
    Nobody? Good.

    Finally, has anyone got an onward-bound ticket, for any reason?
    A ticket where you travel onward from here after the tour. Such people are rare.
    You shouldn't give it up, but you're still welcome to this tour. It won't hurt to be here.
    Nobody? Good.

    Right, we'll begin."

    Then I woke up, and as my eyes opened I was told,
    "There are several sorts of passenger.

    Those who have a single ticket that terminates here have chosen to spend their lives here, they love us and we love them.
    Those who have a travelcard are going on other tours and want to find out more; they will go back to their home afterwards, and remember what they saw here.
    Those who have a return ticket will also go back to their home afterwards, but will be changed by the tour.

    Those who saw the cake yesterday but weren't inspired, didn't attend or don't have a ticket. They'll be back eventually in their own time.
    Those who are dishonest (with themselves -- that's all that matters -- there is nothing else relevant) aren't yet ready for the journey.
    We're not forcing them. We're concerned about safety though.

    There isn't just one main line leading to this station, the one you all came in on; there are many main lines, and a large number of branch lines.
    There are also a number of sidings, they all lead somewhere, but it's easy to get lost in them. They all pass thru this station, but some don't alight here.

    There will also be a number of other tours over the next few weeks; we need to show everyone who is genuinely interested, but many are not able to come because they have to work elsewhere today or have other commitments which prevent them being fully here now.

    There will be a large conference this Xmas; everyone will see it in one way or another. Nobody will be turned away, and many many people will learn."

    I then saw the name of the station. It was "Reve Elation". It means "Enlightening Dream".

    • Blue_Fatty a dit :...
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    • 21 oct. 2012, 12h38m
    Nightmares for me always involve other people as the perpetrators of fear. I've had countless dreams of me being gunned down by criminals, terrorists, psychopaths, etc.

    One in particular when I was trying to protect my little cousins (8 and 10 years old) from a terrorist attack at a school, but I failed, and they gunned us all down.

    Another scary dream involved an "army" of mind-controlled armed children trying to kill me and several other people who were trapped in an office building.

    Another dream I had of a man raping me, then someone coming in and blasting his brains out, then threatening me as well.

    No wonder I'm so introverted. ._.

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