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Wrong times?

    • orangepine a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 10 sept. 2006, 21h27m

    Wrong times?

    Why does it show the wrong time in my profile once a song is scrobbled?

    • Jester-NL a dit :...
    • Modérateur
    • 10 sept. 2006, 23h01m
    Set your timezone-correct under "preferences". Forget about GMT, and use locale (continent and city)

    Remember to say "thank you" for the things you haven't had
    • sum_nerd a dit :...
    • Utilisateur
    • 15 oct. 2006, 22h19m
    Does this also apply for the Mac client? I can't seem to find the time settings on the client or the website

    nm, I found your link in another thread Jester. Thanks.

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