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KNOWN ISSUES (updated 15 Mar 07)

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    KNOWN ISSUES (updated 15 Mar 07)

    Known Issues

    Below you will find a list of most known issues that concern the application. They are either things that will get fixed eventually or issues outside of our control that we're unable to fix. Thanks. If you don't see your issue in this thread, covered at all, not even remotely, please make a new thread about it, and provide as much information as you can, as this will aid in the fixing of things.

    Please note that these issues are mainly relevant to Windows. There are several more issues for the Mac and Linux beta not detailed here.

    Configuration Wizard
    • Some people are having problems connecting and get the proxy dialog even though they're not behind a proxy. This is in 99% of cases due to firewall settings.

    Player Plugins and Submissions
    • The Winamp APE plugin does not work with the plugin. This is a problem with the APE plugin rather than the plugin.
    • Some songs may not pass the Submissions Filter and require an MBID in order to bypass this.
    • If using WMP10 or 11 and launching it by double-clicking on a track, this track does not get sent through to This is a bug in WMP and can be worked around by quickly stopping and starting the track.
    • If using fast user switching on Windows, it can happen that tracks get scrobbled to the wrong account.

    • When opening up other applications that use the soundcard, it has been reported that they get an error telling them that their soundcard is in use, and so the new application doesn't playback as it should.
    • A few people have connectivity issues with streaming. Help us here.

    General and GUI
    • When adding new tags, tags listing in the sidebar takes a long time to update
    • Floppy drive spins intermittently for no apparent reason. You might want to check it when unchecked, or uncheck when checked ("Tools - options - scrobbling" in the client)
    • Possible to remove toolbar by right-clicking outside of it, dragging mouse over bar and releasing mouse button. (Get it back by right-clicking on app, drag outside and release button.)
    • App sometimes only displays maximised or not at all. Try this

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