• Eindhoven Metal Meeting [2010]

    19 déc. 2010, 21h54m par Gashcadarn

    Fri 17 Dec – Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2010

    At friday the 17th of December it was finally going to happen. My first Eindhoven Metal Meeting.

    Me and a friend were staying at a Hostel in Eindhoven, pretty close to the city centre with all the cool places. A 15 minute walk to the Effenaar, so that's good, even when you're wasted from a night full of beer and metal.

    At friday we got to the venue when Helstar was playing. Below a list of the bands I've seen and how much I liked them.


    Helstar [8/10]
    I had never really heard of this band before seeing them here. I was quite surprised by how good they were. They had some tasty riffs and I was very impressed by their singer.

    Saint Vitus [8/10]
    Another band which I barely knew before seeing them. And again I was surprised in a good way. This band appeared to be an oldie, so I was quite ashamed that I didn't know them better.

    Their stage performance was excellent. They played really strong songs. I have nothing bad to say about this performance!