• Creamfields 2010 Review

    1 sept. 2010, 10h25m par greekle17

    Sat 28 Aug – Creamfields 2010 28th + 29th August

    I have just got back from that creamy creamy field, an apt name as the mud was as thick as double and as fresh as single. My record slide was a good 5 metres - thank you Converse! In order to remember what the hell happened over the last few days though, I felt the need to write it down lest I forget everything forever. So here is a (somewhat partial owing to twisted memory) rundown of the best and worst of the weekend. In Oscar category form.

    Best set - Kissy Sell Out

    Hands down best set of the festival for both technicality and song choice. I couldn't count the amount of songs squeezed into his set (using no less than 4 CDJs) and I'm properly good at counting too. He dropped a dirty bassline remix of Round the Twist and single-handedly ruined a perfectly good pair of my underpants.

    Tune of the weekend - One

    No surprise really as this has been on the set list of every noteworthy DJ for the past 3 months. …