Sugar Town + Permanent Wave present Death Rattle, The Suzan, Break it Up, Mistits

Sugar Town + Permanent Wave present Death Rattle, The Suzan, Break it Up, Mistits Kung Fu Necktie
Samedi 28 avril 2012

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Avec Death Rattle, The Suzan, Break It Up et Mistits

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Samedi 28 avril 2012

Kung Fu Necktie

1248 N Front St
Philadelphia, Philadelphie 19122
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Tél : (215) 291-4919
Site :

Doors at 3! Bands at 4!

This is Sugar Town’s first all-ages show with Permanent Wave Philly!


DEATH RATTLE (Ex Cat Vet, Seth & Kevin from Fngr Bngr) (6:30-7:10)

BREAK IT UP (5:40-6:10)
They’ve got earworm pop hooks and aggressive buzz-saw guitars. Their thick-yet-minimal sound recalls classic U.K. post-punks Magazine, Canadian contemporaries Land of Talk, the spectral catharsis of Throwing Muses, the gritty catchiness of Mission of Burma. We could draw band comparisons all day, but the point is this: New Philly trio Break it Up writes solid, inspiring songs in a variety of modes, and slays in performance. Their only release to date is the infectious single « Excavate, » so download it at their Bandcamp and learn the words so you can sing along. (John Vettese, Philadelphia City Paper)

THE SUZAN (NYC/Japan. Fool’s Gold/Downtown Recs) (4:50-5:20)
ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! It’s the sound of The Suzan, a boundlessly energetic all-girl band from Japan making their international debut with « Home. » Their irresistible charm captivated Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn and John (who they convinced to produce their record with a MySpace message!) and taste-making indie Fool’s Gold, who have previously introduced the world to artists as diverse as Kid Sister, Kid Cudi and Treasure Fingers. « Home » is a three-minute blast of xylophone riffs, surf guitar, and tom tom grooves; it’s sweetly funky, hard-to-pin-down pop in the vein of ESG or early Violent Femmes. B-side « Uh Ah » provides a moody counterpoint to « Home« ‘s effervescence, and the two tracks set the stage for The Suzan’s full-length LP, Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat, out now on Fool’s Gold / Downtown.

MISTITS (All-girl Misfits tribute band with mems of Misstallica and Queen Diamond) (4-4:30)

ERICA RUBIN of Permanent Wave Philly/Girls Rock Philly/Jurassic Shark DJing between sets!

Permanent Wave Philadelphia is a branch of the original New York City-based Permanent Wave. We are a network and community of feminist artists and activists. We seek to challenge gender inequality not only in all forms of the arts, but also in politics, our personal lives, and anywhere else it seems necessary. We believe that women should see each other as collaborators and inspirations, not rivals. We want to disprove the belief that “feminism is dead” and continue what was started generations ago by creating a revolutionary arts movement and community that’s relevant to women, queer, and trans people. We want you to join, collaborate, and inspire us.
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